The Inside Story
A 70-year-old retired insurance agent was killed by his 32-year old son in Thane on Monday after they had a heated argument over blackmailing a woman who was the son's girlfriend.

The son, who had taken nude pictures of his girlfriend and had already extorted Rs 1.5 lakh from her, had persuaded his father to telephone the girl to ask for Rs 2.5 lakh more. Police suspect the two later had a fierce altercation over this, leading to the son hitting the father on the head with a heavy object; the time of the incident was around 3 am.

After he was struck, Dattaram Salaskar left his residence in Runwal building in Thane, and decided to head out to his sister's place in Four Bungalows, Andheri. He hopped into ataxi and called up his brother-in-law Vishnu Parab to inform him about his arrival, telling him had happened.

In the taxi, Dattaram fell unconscious, and the alert taxi driver drove him straight to Andheri police station. From there the old man was taken to Cooper Hospital where doctors diagnosed severe injuries to his brain. At noon on Monday, Dattaram breathed his last.

While the Andheri cops were on the lookout for the son Shailesh, the Rabodi police had already arrested him after his girlfriend's family lodged a complaint about the extortion. A court had remanded him to police custody until May 9. The father, now dead, was also named an accused, as he too had played a role in demanding cash from the woman.

Assistant police inspector Vishwas Jatak of Rabodi police station said, "The woman and her family had complained about the extortion on Monday and we arrested the accused today (Tuesday). He refused to provide us his relative's telephone number and address, but instead gave us his dead father's telephone number. We were not aware about the father's death until we came to know about it from Andheri."

Jatak said the case of murder would be transferred to Rabodi police station from Andheri where the dead man's brother-in-law Parab had lodged a complaint. "We already have the accused in the extortion case and will produce him in the murder case too."

The son, who is unemployed, and used to have frequent quarrels with his father, has been charged previously in other cases too, said Pradeep Gosawi, senior inspector of Andheri police station. "My brother-in-law was always worried about his son's behaviour," said Parab, "but nobody thought he was actually kill his father."

Dattaram has an older son who has long distanced himself from the family, while his wife had passed away a year ago, said the police.

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