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Crime Patrol: Thane man kills father who helped him blackmail girlfriend (Episode 444 on 12th Dec 2014)

The Inside Story

Thane, Maharashtra

Retired Insurance Agent Killed by Son in Argument Over Blackmailing Girlfriend

A heated argument over blackmailing his girlfriend led a 32-year-old man to kill his 70-year-old retired insurance agent father in Thane. The son had taken nude pictures of his girlfriend and already extorted Rs 1.5 lakh from her. He convinced his father to ask for Rs 2.5 lakh more, which led to a fierce altercation between the two. The son hit the father on the head with a heavy object, and he left the residence to visit his sister's house. While in a taxi, the father fell unconscious and was taken to Cooper Hospital where he later passed away.

The son was arrested by the Rabodi police after his girlfriend's family lodged a complaint about the extortion. The father was also named an accused in the case as he had played a role in demanding cash from the woman. The case of murder would be transferred to Rabodi police station, and the accused would be produced in the murder case too, said Assistant Police Inspector Vishwas Jatak of Rabodi police station.

The son had a history of frequent quarrels with his father and had been charged previously in other cases. Dattaram Salaskar had an older son who had long distanced himself from the family, and his wife had passed away a year ago, according to the police.

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