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Crime Patrol: India: Girl Rescued From Underground Dungeon After 'Godman' Staged Her Death Promising Rebirth on Shivaratri (Fraud Baba - Episode 366 - 9th May 2014)

The Inside Story

Zunjarwad village, Karnataka

Rescue of Seven-Year-Old Girl Trapped in Godman's Ashram

A seven-year-old girl has been rescued from an underground chamber in the ashram of a self-styled godman, Sadashivappa Nemagouda, in Zunjarwad village, Karnataka. The girl had spent 20 days trapped in the basement dungeon after Nemagouda had staged her death. The authorities discovered her during the Shivaratri festival, where Nemagouda intended to demonstrate his power to bring people back to life.

The godman had confined the girl to a nine-feet-high underground chamber, claiming that she had been kept alive through spiritual power alone, without any food or liquid. However, doctors who examined the girl dismissed Nemagouda's claims, stating that she was stable but traumatized. The local women and child welfare department rejected Nemagouda's adoption claims, as no legal adoption procedures had been followed. The government will now search for the girl's family.

Nemagouda, who has a history of previous offenses, including a rape charge in 2013, has been arrested following the rescue. Five more children, believed to have been kept for similar rituals, were also rescued from the ashram. This incident highlights the dangers associated with self-proclaimed godmen and the need for stricter regulation to protect vulnerable individuals.


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