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Crime Patrol: Mithila Mohan murder case cracked after seven years (Episode 372, 373, 374 on 23rd, 24th & 25th May 2014)

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The Inside Story

Thrissur, Kerala

Arrest Made Seven Years After Sensational Murder Case

The Crime Branch has finally apprehended Santhosh Kumar, the prime suspect in the murder of liquor contractor V.A. Mohanan, which shook the city seven years ago. Mohanan was fatally shot at his residence on April 5, 2006.

Santhosh Kumar, also known as Kannan, was arrested by the Crime Branch team led by Superintendent of Police K.G. Simon. He had been interrogated 16 times since the investigation was handed over to the Crime Branch in 2006. Santhosh denied his involvement until the authorities decided to conduct a polygraph test and brain-mapping, which led to his confession.

The case involved several complexities as Mohanan had many enemies. Santhosh Kumar, who had suffered from Mohanan's actions in the past, claimed that Mohanan had stolen his truck and blackmailed him. As a result, Santhosh decided to eliminate Mohanan and enlisted the help of two professional shooters. The murder took place on the eve of a cricket match, coincidentally minimizing attention from neighbors due to festive celebrations.


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