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Crime Patrol: Businessman's 3rd wife held for plotting 2nd wife's murder in Oshiwara (Episode 392 on 11th July 2014)

The Inside Story

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Businessman's Third Wife Arrested for Plotting Second Wife's Murder

The Oshiwara police have apprehended a businessman's third wife for orchestrating the murder of his second wife, with the assistance of their driver. The arrest took place last week following the discovery of a woman's body in the victim's fifth-floor flat at Green Park housing society in Oshiwara. The businessman, Sunil Darekar, reported that his second wife, Sushma, had been killed and her ornaments were missing.

The police arrested the driver, Pravin Kajave, and his accomplice, Nilesh Chavan, after they confessed to strangling Sushma in order to steal her ornaments. They then attempted to stage the incident as an accidental death by setting fire to the flat. However, during questioning, they revealed that Darekar's third wife, Vanita Gopwani, had masterminded the murder. Vanita, who had developed an illicit relationship with the driver, saw Sushma's death as an opportunity to gain control over Darekar's business.

Kajave and Chavan initially left Sushma's flat after almost abandoning their plan due to her kindness towards them. However, they later returned, claiming to have forgotten their cellphone, and subsequently strangled her. Although they had brought petrol to set the entire house ablaze, they decided to burn only the bedroom to avoid injury. Vanita Gopwani has been remanded in police custody, while the investigation continues into this shocking crime.


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