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Crime Patrol: Kidnapped boy’s mutilated body found in Kalyan (Episode 393, 394 on 12th, 13th July 2014)

Part 1

Part 2

The Inside Story

Kalyan, Maharashtra

12-Year-Old Boy Found Dead, Mutilated by Kidnappers

The police made a gruesome discovery on Friday night when they found the mutilated body of a 12-year-old boy who had been kidnapped for ransom. The body parts were found dumped in plastic gunny bags in a drain near the APMC market in Kalyan, on the outskirts of Mumbai.

Four individuals, including the mastermind, have been arrested by the police in connection with the crime. The victim, identified as Rohan Gucchait, went missing on April 17th from his residence in Kalyan. The mastermind, Ishtiyaq Shaikh, an electrician who had previously worked for the victim's father, lured Rohan by claiming that his father wanted to see him at his shop. Subsequently, Rohan was taken captive and held in an apartment before being brutally murdered.

The kidnappers later demanded a ransom of Rs. 50 lakh from Rohan's father. Despite making a hoax ransom call previously, the main accused executed the kidnapping and murder plan after carefully observing the victim's movements. The police were able to crack the case by utilizing CCTV footage and analyzing Shaikh's call records. The accused have been charged with kidnapping, murder, criminal conspiracy, and destruction of evidence.


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