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Crime Patrol: Trupti Kidnaps Her Innocent Cousin Brother Ashish (Episode 57 on 11 November 2011)

Inside Story

Family Betrayal: Ahmedabad Student Arrested for Kidnapping Own Cousin

Ahmedabad, Gujarat
A 21-year-old collegian girl, Payal Bhalchandani, was arrested by Ahmedabad police for the kidnap of her 6-year-old cousin brother, Aditya. Three others, including Payal's boyfriend, were also arrested. The family of Aditya received a phone call demanding INR 1 crore for Aditya's safety and delivery. The father of Aditya agreed to pay Rs. 25 lakh cash and Rs. 18 lakh worth of jewellery to the kidnappers. As soon as the kidnappers arrived on a bike and received the money, the police team present at some distance nabbed them. The kidnappers revealed that Payal was part of the kidnapping plot. Payal confessed that she had plotted the kidnapping of her cousin brother because she was emotionally attached to her boyfriend, who had lost INR 10 lakh in betting and needed money.

Payal, who is a student of SM Patel college in Ahmedabad, had also been suspected of a previous theft of INR 65,000 from her own house. Payal's father owns an electronics store, while Nishant Shetty's father owns a chemical factory in Vatva. Dhwanik’s father is a labor contractor, while Devendra Shukla’s father owns a pan gallo. The kidnappers had decided that each would take INR 25 lakh out of the total INR 1 crore likely to be received from Nishant’s father. The ultimate plan was to get the money and kill Aditya so that he could not tell the story to family and police that Payal was involved.

Aditya was kept at an office that was closed due to Diwali. The kidnappers had threatened Bharatbhai Bhungadumal, Aditya's father, with murder if he did not pay the ransom. The police have arrested Payal and rescued Aditya from the kidnappers. Payal and Bharatbhai's son went on a two-wheeler at 6:00 pm on Tuesday for shopping, but they did not return till 8:00 pm. After some time, Bharatbhai received a phone call demanding INR 1 crore for the safe return of Payal and Aditya. The kidnapper told Bharatbhai that he could settle with INR 50 lakh; otherwise, he had committed murder thrice, and he could do it again.

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