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Crime Patrol: Man missing for eight months: ‘Woman had him killed to avenge brother’ (Episode 674 on 24 Jun 2016)

Pune, Maharashtra

Missing man found dead, three suspects arrested

Akash Magar, a 23-year-old resident of Pimpri, had been missing since July 28, 2015. Eight months later, the Anti-Dacoity Cell of Pune Police announced that Magar had been murdered and buried in a forest on Alandi Chakan Road by three suspects who had been arrested.

Investigations revealed a connection between Magar's murder and the September 2014 murder of Rajesh Jadhav. Magar and six others were arrested for Jadhav's murder, but the suspects were released on bail a year later. One of the arrested suspects in Magar's murder is Seema Kharade, Jadhav's sister, who allegedly plotted to kill Magar in revenge for her brother's death.

Kharade became friends with Magar when they were both in Yerwada Central Prison, and she called him up on July 28, 2015, to invite him to a bar. Kharade picked him up, and with the help of two other suspects, Rathod and Kharade's husband, assaulted Magar with an axe and stones and killed him. They then buried his body in a forest and burned their clothes. The police arrested Kharade, Seema, and Rathod, and recovered bones from the crime scene that are believed to be Magar's remains. read more
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