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Crime Patrol: Muzaffarpur resident Ashok Pandey comes to sisters’ school; Anjali and Rimjhim fail to recognise him (Episode 390, 391 on 5th, 6th July 2014)

Part 1

Part 2

The Inside Story

Patna, Bihar

Father Claims Abandoned Sisters, But They Remain Skeptical

A man arrived at Shanti Niketan School on Tuesday, asserting that he is the father of Rimjhim and Anjali, who were abandoned by their mother seven years ago. The sisters were admitted to the school in 2006 by a woman named Shikha Pandey, who disappeared shortly after. The man, identified as Ashok Pandey, accompanied by his brother and sister-in-law, approached the school claiming paternity, but the girls did not recognize him.

Despite Ashok's attempt to reunite with his daughters, Rimjhim, 12, and Anjali, 11, both expressed doubt and refused to go with him. The school principal was absent at the time, but his son, Abhishek, allowed Ashok to meet the girls without granting permission to take them. Ashok revealed that he only recently learned about his daughters' presence when he read about their visit to the chief minister's janata durbar. However, the sisters remained unconvinced by his sudden appearance.

The situation prompted the district magistrate and the Women's Helpline project manager to intervene. Ashok was required to provide further details and documentation to support his claim. Until then, he was not permitted to meet the girls. The authorities plan to conduct a DNA test to establish the veracity of his assertion.


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