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Crime Patrol: Indore: Kavita Raina murder cracked, accused intended to blackmail her (Episode 675, 676 on 25th, 26th June, 2016)

Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Indore woman murdered for resisting sexual harassment and blackmail

A shocking incident came to light when Kavita Raina was found dead and her body parts were discovered in a nullah on August 24 in Indore. The accused, Mahesh Bairagi, targeted her because he wanted to lure her into a physical relationship and then blackmail her. According to DIG Santosh Kumar Singh, the accused thought he would be able to extort money from her as she was from a well-settled family.

The accused became acquainted with Kavita through his wife, who had opened a stitching shop near Kavita’s residence. The accused had been previously booked for making porn CDs and was obsessed with sex. He initially tried to influence her physically, but when she refused, he murdered her. Police have recovered the murder weapon, iron rods, knife, and Kavita’s clothes. The accused had also burnt Kavita’s clothes and flushed the knife down the toilet after the murder.

After a 100-day investigation, the police finally caught the accused. Sanjay Raina, Kavita’s husband, expressed satisfaction with the police and media's support in his difficult times. He was also one of the suspects in the case at one point.

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