Indore woman Kavita Raina was killed by a person who targeted her because he wanted to lure her into a physical relationship and then blackmail her.

“Accused, Mahesh Bairagi, targeted Kavita because she was from a settled family and he thought he would be able to extort money from her,” said DIG Santosh Kumar Singh in a press conference.
Kavita Raina’s body parts were found stuffed in a nullah in Indore on August 24. The sensational murder rocked the city and it took police more than 100 days to solve the case.

Meena Bairagi, wife of Mahesh Bairagi, had opened a stitching shop about 5 months ago near Raina’s residence at Mitra Bandhu Nagar, and became acquainted with Kavita. Mahesh started sitting in the shop and targeted Kavita about a month before incident took place. The accused had been previously booked for making porn CDs, and was a pervert and obsessed with sex, police sources said.

A young woman relative, who had come to live in his house, had also gone missing. A case in this regard was registered at Sanyogitaganj police station in 2009. “We will now investigate the missing case also,” said the DIG.

Mahesh Bairagi initially tried to influence her and get in touch with Raina physically but she refused. As the plan of influencing did not work, he murdered her, said the DIG.

Police have recovered the murder weapon including iron rods and knife and Kavita’s clothes. Kavita’s mobile phone was also recovered, police added.

On the day of the incident, Kavita Raina went to pick up her kid but she stopped to collect a suit which she had given for stitching to Meena Bairagi.

“Mahesh Bairagi was at the shop who told her that the suit was at his flat in Moosakhedi, with his wife. Kavita went by her scooty while the accused was on a bike. They were not seen in the CCTV footages police have recovered because one part of the road was not in the sphere of the camera,” said the DIG.

Subsequently, when both of them reached at his Moosakhedi residence , the accused said that his wife was at nearby IDA colony.

“When they both reached to the ground floor of the flat of IDA colony, which is also in Moosakhedi, the accused tried to sexually harass Kavita but she resisted. He then hit Kavita with an iron pipe three times. When Kavita died, the accused decided to chop the body into parts,” the DIG added.

Police said that he chopped the body till 7.30 pm and then at around 8 pm he decided to dump the body from Teen Imali bridge into the nullah. He used Kavita’s scooty. He parked the scooty at Navalakha bus stand parking to misguide police.

After dumping the body, the accused returned to the flat and burnt Kavita’s clothes and flushed it in the toilet. “He also managed to flush the knife after burning it,” said DIG.

Points of investigation
Total 177 people who came in contact with Kavita Raina were scanned by police.
All the movements of Kavita Raina, across the state, in last 10 years were mapped including family functions, schools and marriage ceremonies.

Police also closely followed the likes and personal dislikes of Kavita Raina.

A family timeline was made and police scanned each and every person of the family.
Forensic experts suggested that Kavita Raina’s body was chopped in “uneven edges” which suggested that no machine, but a knife was used by some person.

Kavita was missing in the CCTV footages, which was retrieved by police from a nearby shop. Police closely examined the footages and came to the conclusion that a portion of road was in the sphere of the camera. Bairagi once went to the shop to see the footages after that police made him a suspect.
After continuous investigation for about three months, police zeroed the investigation on two people: Mahesh Bairagi and a relative of Kavita Raina. Two weeks back , Kavita’s relative was found clean and police concentrated on Bairagi. On Monday, Bairagi was detained for quizzing and when grilled confessed the crime.

I’m satisfied, says Kavita’s husband

Sanjay Raina, the husband of Kavita Raina talking Hindustan Times said that his only objective of life is completed now. “I am satisfied with Indore police and media. Both supported me in my difficult times,” said Sanjay Raina.

Sanjay further said that he was not known to Mahesh Bairagi , who is accused in the case. “I only know that there was a shop where Kavita had given a suit for stitching,” said Sanjay Raina.
Weeks after Kavita’s murder, Sanjay Raina was also among one of the suspects of Indore police.

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