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Aasai-inspired Murder, Admits Woman
Imitation is the best form of flattery. But actor Ajith won’t be happy with how a woman and her lover used a scene in his movie Aasai to kill the husband.

Babykala and her former paramour Gowrishankar confessed to the murder of Radhakrishnan and blamed each other for the deed in a TV show aired on April 17 and 18. The duo was arrested and remanded to judicial custody on Wednesday.
Preliminary investigation revealed that Babykala was in a relationship with Gowrishankar, a friend of her brother-in-law Suresh, for one year before the murder, which was committed on July 17, 2010. When the two decided to do away with Babykala’s husband, Gowrishankar even promised to look after her two daughters. On the day of the murder, Babykala took her daughters out in the neighbourhood after informing Gowrishankar that her husband was drunk and stood guard until the murder was executed. Taking the cue from Ajith-starrer Aasai, Gowrishankar wrapped a plastic bag around Radakrishnan’s face and suffocated him to death besides stomping on his throat repeatedly.

After returning home, Babykala staged the scene to make the murder look like a natural death. At the time, strangulation marks around Radhakrishnan’s throat were noticed but they were thought to be accident marks as the deceased had consumed a lot of alcohol that day. The body was then cremated in SIDCO Nagar and a death certificate was issued which said Radhakrishnan had died of a heart attack.

Gowrishankar was later appointed as a Revenue Inspector and moved to Tiruvallur in 2012 while Baby Kala continued to stay in Villivakkam.

Confessions on reality TV: I murdered my dear husband
BANGALORE: When a criminal finally confesses to a crime, especially one as grisly as murder, it usually occurs in the dark confines of a police interrogation room after hours of difficult questioning and psychological breakdowns. But for one woman and her paramour, their crime of passion was revealed on state-wide television, during a reality show.

That’s right. Tamil woman Baby Kala could have gotten away with the murder of her husband Radhakrishnan, had she decided to keep her mouth shut on TV. But, according to a report by the Times News Network, Kala became upset when her lover and accomplice, Gowri Shankar, decided to leave her for another woman, prompting Kala to not only go down, but take him with her.

The Zee Tamil program “Solvathelam Unmai” is a show in which various people come and speak to the host, actress Lakshmi Ramakrishnan, about their personal problems, in the hope that she can offer some kind of advice and that by telling their story, they achieve some measure of peace by simply getting it off their chests.

On a recent episode of show, Kala came on and spilled the beans of the entire sordid affair. According to her account, she and Shankar became romantically involved several years ago, and after some time, decided to finally act on their love by getting married. Unfortunately, Kala was married to Radhakrishnan (39), who had married her in 1995; however, their union had almost never been a happy one.

To alleviate the Radhakrishnan problem, the duo decided to kill him. Kala and Shankar smothered the former’s husband on the night of July 17, 2010, with a large plastic bag. They then told everyone he died of a heart attack, and got away scot-free.

However, in the intervening three-and-a-half years, Shankar found another woman, and fell in love with her. He subsequently left Kala to be with this woman, and announced his intention to marry her. This ticked off Kala, who then decided to go on television and confess to her and Shankar’s involvement with the killing.

Now, both are in police custody, awaiting trial for their crimes. There is no word yet on what kind of sentence they face, nor when their trial will get underway.

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Woman, Lover Cry Murder on TV, Held
Revelation in a TV show landed a 38-year-old woman and her paramour, a Revenue Inspector, behind bars for the murder of the woman’s husband in Villivakkam in July 2010. In an episode of Zee TV show Solvathellam Unmai aired on April 17 and 18, Babykala accused her 33-year-old paramour Gowrishankar of killing her husband Radakrishnan while Gowrishankar said it was Babykala who had instigated him to commit the crime. The duo was arrested after they confessed to have strangulated Babykala’s husband on July 17, 2010, when the latter was in an inebriated condition at his residence. At the time, the death was ruled as a case of heart attack.

Mother of two, Babykala, who is currently in another relationship with an armed reserve head constable Thambirajan, learnt that Gowrishankar’s marriage had been fixed with the daughter of retired judge. She consulted with her current lover and decided to call the TV show.

During the show, Babykala and Gowrishankar kept blaming each other. The show’s host, accusing Babykala of being a party to the act, decided to approach the police. Meanwhile, Kachana, mother of Radakrishnan, came to know the truth of her son’s death though the show and preferred a complaint post which Babykala and Gowrishankar were arrested.

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