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Crime Patrol: Aasai-inspired Murder, Admits Woman (Episode 422 on 28th Sep 2014)

The Inside Story

Bangalore, Karnataka

Confessions on Reality TV: Woman Reveals Murder of Husband

In an unexpected turn of events, a Tamil woman named Baby Kala confessed to the murder of her husband, Radhakrishnan, during a reality show aired on Zee Tamil. The shocking revelation took place on the program "Solvathelam Unmai," where participants share their personal problems in hopes of finding solace and guidance.

Kala's confession unfolded when her lover and accomplice, Gowri Shankar, expressed his intention to leave her for another woman. Filled with anger and resentment, Kala decided to expose the truth and implicate Shankar in the crime as well. The duo had plotted and executed Radhakrishnan's murder by smothering him with a plastic bag on July 17, 2010. Initially, they had successfully passed it off as a heart attack.

However, as fate would have it, Shankar's newfound love led to their relationship's demise. He abandoned Kala and announced his plans to marry another woman. Enraged by this betrayal, Kala chose to appear on television and disclose their involvement in the murder. Both Kala and Shankar are currently in police custody, awaiting trial for their heinous acts.


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