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Crime Patrol: Mistaken identity: Innocent Babu dead, cops clueless about the other (Episode 409 on 19th September 2014)

The Inside Story

Bhiwandi, Maharashtra

Wrongful Detention and Tragic Death of Teenager in Bhiwandi

Babu Thakre, a 16-year-old boy from Mithpada, Bhiwandi, tragically lost his life after being wrongfully detained and allegedly tortured by two constables from Nizampura police station. Babu, known for his helpful nature and hard work, was mistaken for another individual with a criminal record also named Babu.

The constables received a tip-off about a man named 'Babu' involved in the theft of two kilograms of gold. Unfortunately, instead of pursuing the criminal Babu, they apprehended the innocent teenager who shared the same name. Despite protests of mistaken identity, Babu was subjected to police custody and faced alleged torture, leading him to attempt suicide by hanging. He passed away in the hospital.

The incident has raised questions about the accuracy of the informer's tip and the police's handling of the situation. The police were aware of the other Babu with a criminal record residing in the same neighborhood. The investigation will shed light on whether the informer or the police made the error.

Babu came from a tribal family and had taken on the responsibility of supporting his siblings and mother. Living in a small shanty, the family struggled financially, prompting Babu to seek work at a young age. Tragically, his life was cut short due to a case of mistaken identity, leaving his family devastated.


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