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Crime Patrol: Charkop family gets maid arrested for theft, but probe finds relative was culprit (Episode 455, 456 on 9th, 10th January 2015)


The Inside Story

MUMBAI, Maharashtra

Suspected maid acquitted after relative admits theft

A Charkop woman got her maid arrested on suspicion of stealing a bracelet worth Rs 2.10 lakh and other valuables. However, police with the help of a bar girl found out that the real culprit was a relative.

The Gazis filed a theft case, and police arrested the maid on November 13. Despite denying any theft, she reportedly admitted the crime after prolonged interrogation to avoid torture. However, no valuables were found in her possession. Suspecting that the maid was innocent, the police inquired with the building security guard and others, who revealed that Heena Gazi's relative Saddam Gazi had been going to the flat when the family was not there. Saddam was frequently visiting a ladies' bar in Kandivli, where the police found a girl who had seen an expensive bracelet on Saddam's wrist. With her help, they convinced him to confess.

On Saturday, the police requested the court to release the innocent maid, who had been remanded in jail custody until December 1.

Heena Gazi had hired the maid two months ago. When she started noticing cash and valuables missing from the house, she began keeping an eye on the maid, suspecting her but with no evidence to accuse her. When the maid decided to quit, Heena assumed that she might have stolen a considerable amount of cash. Upon checking, she found the bracelet missing from the cupboard.

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