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Crime Patrol: 9 yr old boy killed in wardha body parts eaten (Episode 482, 483 on 14th, 15th March, 2015)

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Wardha, Maharashtra, Nov 2022

Man kills child for treasure, eats organs to gain 'special powers'

In a shocking incident in Wardha, Maharashtra, a man kidnapped and killed a 9-year-old child, who was the son of his acquaintance, to gain "special powers" to find a treasure buried in the ground. After killing the child, he took out his eyes and kidneys, cooked them in the fire, and worshiped them before eating them.

The accused, Asif Shah alias Munna Pathan, an auto-rickshaw driver, was arrested by the police on Friday. Five others, including Uttam Pohane, Ankush Giri, Suresh Dhanore, Dilip Bhoge, and Dilip Khamkar, were arrested on Sunday for allegedly encouraging Pathan to commit this heinous crime.

Pathan confessed to the crime during interrogation and claimed to have performed a special puja to deal with the ghosts guarding the secret treasure. The other accused were in constant touch with him and instigated him several times that child sacrifice was necessary to get the secret treasure. They even took him to a place where the secret money was claimed to be.

The accused have been sent to police custody till November 20. Pathan is a tantrik kind of person who has also learned black magic. He has three children, while after the murder of Rupesh, only one boy and one girl are left in the victim's family.

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