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Crime Patrol: Ex-caretaker's son killed Dahanu couple to pay creditors, found only Rs20,000 (Episode 504, 505 on 8th, 9th May 2015)

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UPDATE: Mumbai, Maharashtra - Dec, 2019

Son of former caretaker sentenced to life imprisonment for murder of elderly couple in Dahanu

Ravi Thakur alias Rafiq Shaikh (31), the son of the former caretaker of Naushir Irani (76) and his wife Nargis (74), was sentenced to life imprisonment on Thursday for their murder in Kotim village, Vangaon on December 9, 2014. Thakur, who had planned to rob the elderly couple, was found guilty of murder by the Palghar court. The court also fined him Rs 5,000.

Public prosecutor Deepak Tare had pleaded for a death sentence, citing that Thakur had stolen Naushir's cellphone, which was meant for senior citizens. The police were able to track Thakur's whereabouts through electronic surveillance after he inserted a new SIM card in the phone. He was nabbed from Surat a few days after the murder and has been lodged at the Thane jail since then. Tare said that Naushir had resisted the robbery attempt, and while he was killed in the kitchen, Nargis was murdered in the compound soon after she had returned from her evening walk.

Thakur had frequented the Irani household as a 12-year-old when his father, Ramkhilawan, worked as the couple's caretaker. Thakur had been caught stealing from the Irani home earlier and was warned to keep away from the village. He managed to get cash and jewellery of a collective value of Rs 20,000 as the couple had not kept any more valuables at home. After killing them, he spent time drinking liquor and watching television before fleeing to Surat. The murder came to light the next morning when the couple's domestic help reached the house.

Mumbai, 2015

Former Caretaker's Son Kills Senior Couple to Rob Them in Their Dahanu Farmhouse

Police have revealed that Ravi Thakur (30), the son of a former caretaker of a senior citizen couple's bungalow in Kotim village, Vangaon, was arrested for murdering the couple. He had come to the village four days before the incident with the intention of robbing the couple, as he had borrowed money from people in Surat. He planned to kill them on December 8 but could not execute the plan. Ravi told the police that he thought the couple would be easy targets, as they were senior citizens.

On December 9, he entered the farmhouse at around 7.30 pm, after the couple's house help left, and killed Naushir Irani (76) in the kitchen with a sharp weapon. He then saw Nargis (74) returning from her walk, slit her throat and dragged her underneath a tree. The farmhouse did not have CCTV or a security guard. After the murders, he returned to the farmhouse and watched television, had milk and fruits, and moved around in the 15-acre plot. Ravi was aware that no one visited the couple after their maid left every day.

Ravi, who had changed his name and lived in Surat, was thrice caught stealing from the couple's bungalow as a teen but was always let off with a warning. He was booked for double murder and remanded to police custody till December 24. Police said there were two previous cases of theft registered against him in Palghar.

The couple's daughter Tanaaz became concerned when she didn't hear from her parents that night and asked the maid to go to the bungalow the next day. Ravi was the prime suspect as the caretaker of an adjoining bungalow had seen him in the area. He was nabbed based on his cellphone location.

The incident highlights the vulnerability of senior citizens living alone and the need for enhanced security measures in such areas.


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