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Crime Patrol: Missing advocate from Indore murdered, burnt and buried (Episode 505, 506 on 9th, 10th May 2015)

Part 1

Part 2
The Inside Story

Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Advocate kidnapped and murdered over property dispute in Indore

Advocate Devendra Khandelwal, who reportedly went missing on December 23, was found murdered and burnt in forests near Karahi village in Khargone. Three accused were nabbed in connection with the case, while two are still at large. Police said that Khandelwal was murdered over a property dispute concerning land worth Rs 1.6 crore with Lal Chand Hardia. However, the involvement of Hardia in the advocate's murder will have to be probed further.

Kishanlal Rai, a middleman, assured Hardia that he would solve the dispute between them. Rai then asked his accomplices Mahendra Thakur and Rupesh Sharma to eliminate Khandelwal, who had become friends with the duo. After about a month, the two took Khandelwal for a booze party and drove him in an Indigo car before strangulating him to death.

Police identified the accused based on call records and camera footage, and launched a hunt for them. Kishanlal Rai and Vijay Choukse joined the party to dispose of the advocate's body. They then burnt the body using petrol and buried it in the forests. Interrogation revealed the involvement of Mahendra Thakur, Vijay Choukse, Prabhakar, Rupesh Sharma, and Kishanlal Rai in the murder of Khandelwal.

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