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NAGPUR: The notorious - Chaddi-Baniyan' gang returned to haunt the city on early Saturday. Two households in Dixit Nagar were rudely woken up in the middle of night by arm-wielding gang of dacoits. A few days back, the gang made a failed attempt at a household in east Wardhaman Nagar.

Eight masked dacoits armed with weapons and firearms, donning T-shirt and shorts from which the gang derives its name, stormed residences of Harwinder Singh Khanduja and Dhanraj Poptani between 2 am and 3 am. Both Khanduja and Poptani sustained minor injuries after they were assaulted by the gang. The gang left with Rs 42,000 cash and gold from the Khanduja residence, Poptanis lost Rs 3,500 cash and jewellery worth about Rs 1 lakh.

Khanduja, a five-wheeler driver, who was recuperating from an accident, was alone at his home. He woke up after being struck by - something hard' on his right leg.

The miscreants sneaked into the house by breaking open the rear door of the kitchen. "One of them asked me as to where have I kept Rs 10 lakh cash? I had no clue about their query as I haven't been to work for two months. They started ransacking the room while two kept guarding me," said Khanduja, who was tied using his shirt. "I somehow managed to free myself after half-an-hour and went to contact the security guards. Two of the gang members leapt out of a bush near Poptanis house. They again overpowered and dragged me inside Poptanis residence where they were already at their job," said Khanduja who claimed to have spotted firearms in the possession of the dacoits. The dacoits returned Khanduja's mobile at Poptani's bungalow after taking the SIM card away.

The dacoits entered Poptani's home through the back door and barged into the room where his mother was sleeping. The dacoits snatched away her gold bangles. "Next, they entered my room where I was sleeping with wife and son. I tried to resist but was punched twice. Then, they threatened me with a firearm. I told them to spare my wife and children. They took away cash and gold from my wife's purse," said Poptani, a photographer. "They spoke in south Indian accent and one spoke in Hindi. I was tied using a lungi.

The dacoits headed to the first floor where daughter was sleeping. She was frightened to see me tied up. But, I calmed her down. They took away her pocket money," said Poptani whose mobile phones were smashed by the miscreants. Senior inspector MR Swai of Jaripatka police station said that the police has alerted its network.

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Nine members of Kachha Baniyan gang arrested, weapons seized

Haridwar police arrested nine members of Kachha Baniyan gang and recovered weapons from their possession on Thursday evening. The accused were nomadic and their names are Rehan, Mohammad, Vasim, Diljan, Birju, Aas, Akram, Mohammad Deena and Sonu.

Roorkie Police received a tip off around 10-12 members of Kachchha Baniyan gang carrying weapons are roaming in Imlikhera area near Sholapur with intent to commit crimes on Thursday evening.

Equipped with arms, the police force from Bhagwanpur police station and local police stations were deployed there and they began combing the area to nab the criminals. During operation, these criminals fired on policemen but failed to hit the policemen. Teams some how managed to arrest nine members of Kachcha Baniyan gang while the criminals were trying to escape from the scene. During interrogation, these criminals admitted crimes committed in Haridwar districts in the last few days in the region. A case under appropriate sections of IPC was registered against the accused in Bhagwanpur police station.

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Jaipur: Kachha-baniyan gang on the prowl in city

Jaipur: Half a dozen unidentified miscreants caused trouble at three different locations in Kardhani area late on Thursday night. The men who beat up a family and robbed gypsies are alleged to be members of Pardi aka Kachha Baniyan gang.

According to the police, the gang members targeted the house of one Harish Choudhary in Sona Enclave near Kanakpur railway station late at night. “Six men barged into Choudhary’s house while he and his family were asleep. The men broke open the front gate, which woke up the family. They raised an alarm when they saw the assailants, alerting the neighbours,” a cop said.

The chaos caused the neighbours to rush to the spot where the miscreants had beat up the family. “The gangsters beat up one Shravan Singh, a neighbour and fled,” he added. They then reached the nearby mud houses and robbed two women of jewellery. “The thieves overpowered the men and misbehaved with the women. They forcefully took their jewellery and fled,” he said.

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