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Crime Patrol: Chaddi-Baniyan gang returns to haunt city (Episode 591 on 11th November, 2015)

The Inside Story

Nagpur, Maharashtra

Chaddi-Baniyan Gang Robs Two Houses in Dixit Nagar

The notorious 'Chaddi-Baniyan' gang struck again in Nagpur, with eight masked dacoits raiding the homes of Harwinder Singh Khanduja and Dhanraj Poptani in Dixit Nagar. Both families were assaulted, with Khanduja sustaining injuries. The gang stole Rs 42,000 and gold from Khanduja's residence, and Rs 3,500 cash and jewellery worth around Rs 1 lakh from Poptanis. The gang had previously attempted a break-in at a household in East Wardhaman Nagar.

Khanduja, who was alone at home recovering from an accident, was awakened by the dacoits. He was tied up, assaulted and questioned about cash, which he didn't have. Meanwhile, the gang ransacked the house, taking valuables. The dacoits then went to Poptani's house, where they assaulted him and his family, taking cash and gold. The police have been alerted and are investigating.

The Chaddi-Baniyan gang, infamous for their shorts and T-shirts, once again struck in Nagpur. In Dixit Nagar, they broke into the homes of two families, assaulting them and stealing valuables. The police have been alerted and are investigating.

The gang has previously attempted to break into another household in the city. Khanduja, a five-wheeler driver, who was recuperating from an accident, was alone at home when the gang broke in. The dacoits also entered Poptani's home, assaulted him and his family, and took cash and gold. The police are investigating the incident, and the gang is on the loose.


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