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Crime Patrol: Talking parrot ‘helps’ UP Police crack murder case (Episode 589 on 9th Nov, 2015)

The Inside Story


Parrot helps nab murderer of its mistress in Agra

A parrot's ability to mimic sounds turned out to be the crucial piece of evidence in solving a murder case in Agra. The victim, Neelam Sharma, and her pet dog were found dead in her residence in February. The police were struggling to find leads in the case until Sharma's husband noticed something peculiar. Whenever Sharma's nephew Ashutosh visited, their parrot, Hercule, would start screeching. This made the husband suspicious and he alerted the police.

Upon investigation, Ashutosh confessed to the murder and revealed that he had an accomplice. They had entered the house with the intention of stealing valuables. When the dog started barking, he feared that his aunt might recognize him and so he killed both her and the dog. However, he hadn't accounted for the parrot, which had been silently watching the whole time. The police said they were able to crack the case with the help of the parrot's testimony.

The parrot's testimony highlights the importance of clues in solving cases. While the police might not have been able to catch the culprits without Hercule's help, the incident raises concerns about the ethics of using animals in investigations. Nonetheless, it's a fascinating example of how technology and the natural world can come together to achieve justice.

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