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Crime Patrol: Botad gangrape victim gives birth to child, govt to take care of newborn (Episode 592, 593, 594 on 11, 12, 13 December, 2015)

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The Inside Story

Botad, Gujarat

Botad Gangrape Victim Gives Birth to Child, Govt to Take Care of Newborn

The Botad gang rape survivor gave birth to a healthy child at the Bhavnagar civil hospital on Wednesday. The rape survivor was earlier denied permission to terminate her pregnancy by the Gujarat High Court following which she gave birth to the child.

The 23-year-old victim was taken to Bhavanagar civil hospital on July 1. She was under medical care at the hospital for the last one week. After the victim is discharged from the hospital, she will be taken to Ranpur in Botad district where she lives with her husband, a cart puller and two children.

The victim who belongs to the Dafer community has to now undergo the process of Shuddhi to “clean herself from the sin”. According to the community’s traditional practices, the victim has to keep a 10 kilograms heavy stone on her head and stand at the village square.

The Gujarat High Court in April this year had rejected a petition filed by the victim, who had sought permission to terminate her nearly seven-month pregnancy. The court told the victim “to bravely go ahead with the pregnancy and when time comes, deliver the child…” and also directed the state government to look after the mother and the child and not let the baby be abandoned.

The victim had denied taking care of the child following which it was decided that the district government will take care of the child. The child is expected to be kept in the Shishu Gruh under the district government or an NGO who is willing to take care of the child. READ MORE READ MORE.

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