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Crime Patrol: नेता जी की लव स्‍टोरी और एक हैरतअंगेज कत्‍ल (Episode 596, 597 on 19th, 20th December, 2015)

Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, Jun 2014:

Bengali Baba Killed Woman on the Pretext of Exorcism

The suicide of a married woman, Bina Yadav, was disclosed to be a murder carried out by the exorcist Bengali baba and his disciples. The police claimed that on June 9, 2014, the case of suicide of the 35-year-old woman came to light in the Barra area. The family members of the girl had registered a case of dowry death. When the police investigated, the names of the exorcist Baba, his disciple, and a woman came to the fore. The police later arrested Baba Akbar Shah Bengali alias Shakir, Mridal Bajpai, Manish Ghusia, Shyam Bajpai and that woman.

Baba took 25 thousand rupees from that woman and started pretending to do exorcism. In the meantime, Mridal Bajpai, a young man working at Baba's place, met the woman. He said that he will get Bina out of the way and take the money after work. The matter was settled for 40 thousand rupees. Mridal, along with two other associates, came to Bina's house in the evening, and Mridal started playing the hanging game with her, but when Bina kicked the stool after hanging the noose, Mridal did not support her from below, and she died by hanging.

The police considered it a suicide initially, but when the case of dowry death was registered, they investigated and found Mridal Bajpai's number in Bina's telephone records. When the police caught Mridal and interrogated her, the truth came out behind the story. It is a clear indication of how blind belief in superstitions and blind faith in babas or exorcists can lead to fatal consequences.


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