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Crime Patrol: Retired BEL DGM who went missing in November found murdered (Episode 607, 608 on 16th, 17th Jan, 2016)

Bengaluru, Karnataka, Nov 2022

Two Arrested for Murder of Retired BEL Manager Over Property Documents Worth Rs 13 Crore

Police have arrested S Mahesh and Mohan Dushad for allegedly murdering a 73-year-old retired Deputy General Manager of BEL. The accused took away the original property documents worth around Rs 13 crore after committing the murder. Rajaram, the victim, was living with his wife Premalatha and daughter Madhuvanthi. After his wife died in 2013, Madhuvanthi shifted to Pride Apartment in Bilekahalli on Bannerghatta Road. She reportedly hated her father for not taking proper care of her mother and believed that this led to her death.

Rajaram wanted to transfer all his property to Madhuvanthi's name and was asking her to come to his house, but she had told Mahesh, who was running a departmental store in Pride Apartment, about the issue and had asked him to collect the papers from her father. Mahesh agreed and visited Rajaram, but he refused to give him the documents. Mahesh, who took advantage of this opportunity, hatched a plot to murder Rajaram and hoped to make money by convincing Madhuvanthi to sell off the property. He roped in his friend Mohan, who was working as a security guard. The duo murdered Rajaram on November 13, tied his limbs and took his body to Hindupur-Mahdugiri Road in a car. They burnt the body in a vacant plot after pouring petrol.

As investigations started, the police noted down the vehicle registration number of a bike, which was moving around suspiciously near Rajaram's house, a few days before the murder. The police took the information of the vehicle owner and it was traced to Mahesh. As his questioning revealed that he was running a business in Pride Apartment, where Madhuvanthi lived, there was a strong suspicion on him. When grilled, he confessed to the murder. Madhuvanthi, who was working in Canada earlier, is said to be mentally unstable now, and Mahesh tried to take advantage of this fact, the police said.

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