Rajaram, 67, a resident of the BEL layout in the Vidyaranyapura area and retired Deputy General Manager (DGM) from BEL had been missing from his residence since November 13.

The case of disappearance of a retired Bharat Electronics Limited deputy general manager in Bengaluru since November 13 has been found to be a case of murder of the 67-year-old man by a man who was supposed to handover documents of properties owned by the retired DGM to his only daughter.

Rajaram, 67, a resident of the BEL layout in the Vidyaranyapura area and retired Deputy General Manager (DGM) from BEL had been missing from his residence since November 13 and a case was registered by his brother Shekar on November 18 with the police. Police investigations have found that Rajaram was estranged from his daughter following the death of his wife but wanted to hand over documents of his property to his daughter Madhuvanti.

The daughter who did not want to meet her father since she blamed him for the demise of her mother allegedly deputed an acquaintance who ran a store near her apartment in south Bengaluru to collect the documents. The acquaintance S Mahesh, 36, plotted to kill the former BEL DGM and take over the property documents after Rajaram refused to hand the documents to him, the police have alleged.

The main accused allegedly used the assistance of a security guard from Nepal identified as Mohan Dushad, 23, to carry out the crime. Police said the duo reached Rajaram’s house around 8 pm on November 13 and demanded the original documents of Rajaram’s properties and killed him with a screwdriver when he refused to give the documents. They took the dead body in a car and disposed by setting it ablaze on the Hindupur-Madugiri road near the Andhra Pradesh border in order to prevent its identification. In course of the probe police quizzed Rajaram’s daughter and she said that she had assigned Mahesh to get the property documents from her father. After he was picked up Mahesh confessed to the crime.

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BENGALURU: The police have arrested two men who had allegedly murdered a 73-year-old retired Deputy General Manager of BEL. The accused had taken away the original documents of property worth around Rs 13 crore after committing the murder.

The accused have been identified as S Mahesh, 36, a resident of Byrasandra in Jayanagar 1st Block, and Mohan Dushad, a native of Assam. They have been accused of murdering Rajaram, a resident of BEL 1st Block.

Police said that Rajaram was living his wife Premalatha and daughter Madhuvanthi. After his wife died of illness in 2013, Madhuvanthi shifted to Pride Apartment in Bilekahalli on Bannerghatta Road. She reportedly hated her father for not taking proper care of her mother and believed that this led to her death.

“Rajaram wanted to transfer all his property to Madhuvanthi’s name and was asking her to come to his house. But Madhuvanthi had told him that she would send someone else. She had told Mahesh, who was running a departmental store in Pride Apartment, about the issue and had asked him to collect the papers from her father. Mahesh agreed and had visited Rajaram 2-3 times, but Rajaram had refused to give him the documents,” the police said.

“Mahesh, who took advantage of this opportunity, hatched a plot to murder Rajaram and hoped to make money by convincing Madhuvanthi to sell off the property. He roped in his friend Mohan, who was working as a security guard. The duo went to Rajaram’s house on November 13 around 8 pm and asked for the documents. When he refused, they murdered him by hitting him with a spanner. Later, they tied his limbs and took his body to Hindupur-Mahdugiri Road in a car. They poured petrol and burnt the body in a vacant plot,” the police explained.
The accused S. Mahesh and Mohan Dushad (Photo: DC)
On November 18, Rajaram’s elder brother Shekhar filed a missing complaint with the police. The police, who took up the probe, circulated the photo of Rajaram to all police stations and received confirmation from the Hindupur police, who had taken up a murder case of an unidentified man. The family members also confirmed that it was Rajaram’s body.

Vehicle number gave the clue

As the investigations started, a constable, informed seniors that he had noted down the vehicle registration number of a bike, which was moving around suspiciously near Rajaram’s house, a few days before the murder. Based on the number, the police took the information of the vehicle owner and it was traced to Mahesh.

“As his questioning revealed that he was running a business in Pride Apartment, where Madhuvanthi lived, there was a strong suspicion on him. When grilled he confessed to the murder,” the police added. Madhuvanthi, who was working in Canada earlier, is said to be mentally unstable now and Mahesh tried to take advantage of this fact, the police said.

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