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Crime Patrol: Woman's legs cut off to steal anklets in Rajasthan (Episode 62 on 3rd January, 2016)

The Inside Story

Jaipur, Rajasthan

Unidentified Robbers Chop Off Woman's Legs to Steal Silver Anklets

In a bizarre incident, unidentified robbers chopped off the legs of a 50-year-old woman to rob her of her silver anklets in a village near Jaipur, police said on Wednesday.

The body was found on Wednesday with the legs missing. Police suspect the robbers took away the legs after committing the ghastly murder.

A police officer said the incident occurred in Shankarpura village near Phagi, some 35 km from Jaipur. "The woman, Rukmani Devi, had gone to graze cattle in the forest area and went missing Tuesday evening. Passers-by spotted the legless body today (Wednesday)," said the officer.

"The family members told us that the woman wore silver anklets. Some gangs who murder elderly women for silver anklets are under the police scanner," the officer said.

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