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Crime Patrol: Kota businessman arrested for kidnap, murder of 7-year-old (Episode 613, 615 on 30th, 31st Jan, 2016)

Kota, Rajasthan

Businessman arrested for kidnap and murder of 7-year-old boy

A Kota-based businessman, Ankur Padia, was arrested in Kanpur on Monday for the kidnap and murder of a seven-year-old boy, Rudraksh, the son of a bank manager. Padia's elder brother Anoop, who was absconding in a fraud case for seven years, was also arrested. According to the police, Padia kidnapped Rudraksh as he had lost a lot of money to gambling. When the police got involved, Padia killed the boy and dumped his body in a canal.

The police said Padia had debts of over Rs 1.50 crore and wanted to recover through the ransom. Padia and his family owned a Jaguar, an Audi, a Harley Davidson motorbike, and a personal discotheque, apart from several plush apartments in Kota. He worked as a supplier and publisher of study material for a leading coaching institute in Kota. The delay in Padia's arrest had caused unrest in the city with protests in front of the Inspector General's office.

After killing Rudraksh, Padia fled to Ratlam and travelled to several locations, including Orissa, Gujarat, and Nagpur before moving to Kanpur where he stayed in a hotel. The police nabbed him after tracing his elder brother Anoop. Following the incident, the Additional General of Police (Crime), Ajit Singh, was shunted out in a reshuffle on Monday evening.

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