In an incident which once again proves that men, too, are sexually harassed, a 32-year-old woman from South Delhi has been arrested for forcibly trying to have sex with an auto driver, while her friend from Tanzania who tried to make their MMS is on a run.

41-year-old Umesh Prasad told the police that Renu Lalwani hired his rickshaw from Saket in South Delhi and wanted to go to Arjun Nagar. Upon reaching the destination, Renu, on the pretext of paying him the fare, invited the driver to her flat. She offered him drinking water after which she suddenly locked all the doors from inside and sought sexual favours from the driver which he clearly denied.

Frustrated, she then tried to offer him wine and threw herself on him when he declined that too. She tore his clothes, tried to kiss him while her Tanzanian friend named Hitija filmed the entire act.

Luckily when the women were distracted, Umesh found a way to jump out of the first floor balcony but fractured his foot. He then reported the incident to the police and they picked up Renu from from her residence. Apparently several other licenses of auto drivers have been found from her flat.

This is beyond disgusting!

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New Delhi: 2 women attempt raping autodriver

New Delhi, July 17: In a shocking incident in the country's capital, two women tried raping an autodriver on Tuesday night. The autodriver broke his two legs as he jumped off from the first floor in order to save his life. While one of the accused has been held, the other one is absconding. On Tuesday night, one of them took the auto from IGNOU road to Safdarjung area of Delhi. When they reached Saket, the girl asked the autodriver for Rs 300 to buy certain things. And on reaching the destination, she called the autodriver to her flat pretending to pay him the fare. She locked the door from inside and started drinking alcohol and forced him to gulp down some.

She was later joined by her friend from Tanzania and they both started molesting him together. He said,"They molested me and shot the video. One of them first tried to kiss me, I pushed her away, then the other girl jumped in. They were recording everything on their phone, I thought they would blackmail me later. They took all my money and were asking for more, I managed to save my life somehow." DCP Premnath said,"The auto driver has registered his complaint, we are investigating the case and will take appropriate action".

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Delhi: Woman sexually assaults autorickshaw driver, friend films incident

A 32-year-old woman has been arrested after an autorickshaw driver complained that she tried to sexually assault him

A 32-year-old woman has been arrested in Delhi after an autorickshaw driver complained that she tried to sexually assault him, the police said. Meanwhile, another woman, who allegedly filmed the entire act, is on the run, Inspector Vishuddhanand Jha at the Safdarjung Enclave police station told IANS.

The auto driver alleged that one of the his customers hired his autorickshaw in South Delhi and wanted to go to Arjun Nagar about 7 km away. She called him up to the apartment on the pretext of paying him and apparently locked the doors after offering him water.

Following this, she made sexual advances towards the driver, who refused. This led to her offering him wine, which he refused to take. Frustrated, she forced herself on him, tore his clothes and kissed him while the other woman filmed the entire incident. After about an hour, “When the two women went to the other room for a discussion, the driver jumped out of the first floor balcony and fractured his foot”, Jha said.

The police have arrested the womn accused of assault, and her foreigner friend who allegedly filmed the incident. Interestingly, the policemen found four badges and four driving licenses of auto drivers from the accused's house and the police feel that the women might have trapped the others similarly.

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