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Crime Patrol: Jobless diamond polisher pushes wife into flesh trade (Dial 100 Episode 104, 105 on 2nd, 3rd Mar, 2016)

Surat, Gujarat, Apr 2016:

Woman raped by husband, forced into prostitution for four years

A 37-year-old woman from Varachha, Surat escaped from her house after four years of physical and mental torture allegedly inflicted by her diamond polisher husband. The woman was beaten, branded, raped and forced into prostitution. Her husband, Suresh Patel, along with her brother and two others, were booked by Varachha police on rape and criminal intimidation charges. Patel had lost his job four years ago due to fast dwindling business and pushed his wife into the flesh trade to earn money.

The woman's condition was pitiable, and fearing social stigma, her close relatives turned their back on her. The woman alleges that her husband branded her with an iron rod when she refused his clients. The crime is a cruel fall out of the joblessness in the diamond industry, which is reeling under severe slowdown due to falling demand and a series of defaults. Last year alone, five cases of suicides by diamond workers were reported in Surat while at least 50 had ended lives in 2013-14.

The police said they needed to investigate in detail before making any arrest since the woman alleges she has been raped for four years. Her brother is also not supporting her, and she is being helped by some NGOs.

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