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Crime Patrol: Mumbai: Mysterious deaths of 4 friends baffles their families (Episode 120, 121 on 29th, 30th Mar, 2016)

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Four Friends’ Mysterious Deaths in Kalachowkie

The deaths of four friends in Kalachowkie have left their families and the community with a string of unanswered questions. The tragedy began when one of the three close friends was found hanging from his ceiling in the early hours of May 31, 2022. Strangely, all the data on his phone had been erased before his death. Two hours later, the other two friends were killed in a bike accident while on their way to Shirdi. One week later, another friend took his life in a similar manner to the first, also erasing all data from his phone.

The families of the deceased have asked Commissioner of Police Rakesh Maria to investigate the deaths for any possible connection. The deaths have baffled the police, as well as the families of the victims, who remain in shock and want answers. The police have launched an investigation and have requested call records from telecom companies to gain more insight into the matter.

The families of the deceased want to know what led to the deaths of their young sons and are seeking closure. The tragedy of the four young friends has left the community in a state of shock, and the investigation will hopefully provide some answers for the grieving families.

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