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Crime Patrol: Three arrested for youth's murder in Delhi (Episode 662 on 27th May, 2016)

Durangaa: Murder of 18 year old boy Furqaan

The Inside Story

New Delhi

Woman gets stepson murdered

A woman, Rubina, has been arrested for conspiring with her brother-in-law and two contract killers to murder her 18-year-old stepson, Anas Qureshi, in North Delhi. The motive behind the murder was Rubina's desire for her husband's wholesale fruit business and property, who had passed away eight months ago. Not wanting to be questioned about her movements and friendships by Anas, Rubina offered her brother-in-law, Shahnawaz, Rs. 15 lakh to get rid of him.

The contract killers, Sonu and Shahbaz, invited Anas to a Cafe Coffee Day outlet in Malkaganj, spiked his coffee and then took him on a motorcycle to an isolated spot to be murdered. Sonu restrained him with a rope while Shahbaz repeatedly stabbed him with an ice prick, and finally, slit his throat with a knife to ensure he died. After confessing to the crime, Shahnawaz was arrested, and the contract killers were nabbed.

Rubina was arrested from Amroha in Uttar Pradesh, where she had gone to cremate her stepson. The police are still investigating whether Rubina and Shahnawaz were in an affair and wanted Anas out of the way or whether money was the only motivating factor. The case is a reminder of the ruthless, senseless crime that exists in society, where greed for property and wealth can lead to murder.

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