The police on Sunday solved the murder of a 22-year-old woman who was found dead in Malwani in January this year with the arrest of her brother-in-law. The police said the accused was opposed to her marriage to his brother. He killed her by strangulating her, and then had sex with her corpse.

According to police officials, they were informed of stench emanating from of a large gunny sack in a marshy area near Tharavli village in Malad on January 9 this year.

The police opened the sack to find a decomposed body of a woman in her twenties. They said that the body was naked and wrapped in sheets of paper. The post-mortem examination indicated an injury to the head as well as strangulation, after which the police registered a complaint against unknown persons.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone XI) Vikram Deshmane, said: “We initiated inquiries, and found out that a woman from Ambujwadi in Malad, named Ruby Qureshi (22), had gone missing in January. We tracked down her in-laws, and also contacted her parents, who were staying in Uttar Pradesh. They identified her as Ruby based on the jewellery found on the body. They told us that they had come to Mumbai after Ruby went missing to make inquiries, and were told by her brother-in-law Raees Qureshi that he had seen her two to three times at various locations in the city after she went missing.”

The police then called Raees for inquiries, and asked him about the time he had seen Ruby, as well as why he did not inform the police. Officials said that his responses were evasive and suspicious, after which he was detained and grilled intensively.

An officer with the Malvani police station said, “At the same time, some markings on the gunny sacks in which Ruby’s body was found led us to a unit in Madh Island, where they were manufactured. Parallel inquiries also established that Raees was in the same area in early January, which deepened our suspicion. After prolonged questioning, Raees finally confessed to having murdered Ruby with the help of two of his friends.”

Raees, in his confession, told the police that his younger brother Azad had married Ruby against the family’s wishes, and that he was opposed to the marriage from the outset. This used to cause frequent arguments between Raees and Ruby, and she would regularly insult him in front of his family.

The officer said, “On January 3, Raees called Ruby to meet him at Madh Island when Azad was out of town. When she arrived, Raees hit her on the head with a brick, and then strangled her. As a revenge of all the insults, he raped her corpse. He then stuffed the body into a gunny sack, and dumped it with the help of two friends, identified as Mohammed Qureshi and Ghulam Rasool.” The police said Ruby was pregnant when she was murdered.

Raees was placed under arrest following his confession. Mohammed and Ghulam were arrested from their residences on Sunday.

The trio have been charged with murder and destruction of evidence under the Indian Penal Code.

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3 held for murder of Malwani housewife

Bringing a five-month-old murder case to a close, the Malwani police on Monday arrested three men in connection with the body of an unidentified woman being found in the Madh area on January 9, 2016. One of accused allegedly raped the woman after she was murdered.

DCP (zone XI) Vikram Deshmane said: "One of the three accused is the brother-in-law of the deceased woman, identified as Ruby Qureshi. After getting information about the accused men's whereabouts, officers set a trap and caught them from the Malwani area. The accused have been identified as Mohammed Raees Qureshi (25), Mohammed Isaaq Qureshi (55) and Ghulam Rasool (29), who killed the woman by hitting her head with bricks."

Another police officer alleged that after Ruby died, Raees raped her. Their arrests have brought hidden facts pertaining to the case to the fore.

In January, the naked and partially decomposed body of an unknown woman, wrapped in two huge sacks, was found by locals near the Madh area. The Malwani police were probing a missing complaint filed by one Azaad Qureshi (Ruby's husband) stating that she had been missing since January 3. Qureshi later identified the body as that of Ruby and confirmed that the ornaments found on the body were also hers.

"During the probe, we learnt that Azaad's brother Raees and Ruby had regular quarrels. Ruby and Azaad had a love marriage, which was opposed by Azaad's family. Raees and Ruby often fought over this issue and Ruby also insulted Raees frequently in public. Irked by this, on January 3, when Azaad left for work, Raees, along with the other two co-accused, smashed Ruby's head with a brick, strangulated her and later — when she was dead — Raees allegedly raped her," said senior police inspector Milind Khetle of Malwani police station.

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Spurned man kills sister-in-law, rapes body and dumps it in Malad creek

MUMBAI: Four months after a woman was brutally murdered, raped and her body stuffed in a sack and dumped in a creek at Malad, the police arrested her brother-in-law, his relative and friend for the crime. The prime accused, Raees Qureshi, reportedly told the police that he raped his sister-in-law Ruby Qureshi after killing her out of spite.
"Raees' wife got along with Ruby, but he felt that she often humiliated him in public. He wanted to get intimate with her, but she turned him down," said a police officer. Raees told the police he was not happy with Ruby marrying his brother Azad and was upset by her dominating nature.

On January 9, the police found a naked woman's decomposed body in a sack near a creek at Dharavli village; her arms and legs were bound. During investigation, the police learnt that a woman had gone missing from the Ambhujwadi slums in Malwani. They showed the imitation jewellery that was on the body to the mother of the missing woman, who identified them as belonging to her daughter Ruby.

Ruby and Azad, a caterer, had tied the knot four years ago in Delhi against their families' wishes. After their child turned two, they moved to Ambhujwadi in October 2015. Later even Raees, a vegetable vendor, moved into the same neighbourhood.

The police said that when Raees tried to get intimate with her, she complained to Azad, but he ignored her. "Raees hatched a plan to eliminate Ruby and roped in his relative, Isaq Qureshi, and friend, Shabbir. On January 3, Raees sent his wife away for some work and after Azad left for his job, Raees called Ruby to his place where Isaq and Shabbir were already waiting. The trio bludgeoned Ruby with a brick and strangled her. Raees then raped the corpse, the police said. To prevent the body from being identified, they undressed her and packed her body in a sack. While Shabbir stayed at home, Raees and Isaq took the sack on a bike to a deserted portion of Dharavli village and dumped it there," said DCP Vikram Deshmane. In March, Raees and his family left town.

The police suspected Raees' involvement in the crime as he kept changing his statements about Ruby's disappearence and tried to mislead investigators. He was arrested on May 21. Based on his confession, Isaq and Shabbir were held on Sunday. A magistrate's court has remanded them to police custody till May 27.

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