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Crime Patrol: Two brothers behead sister for alleged affair: Indian police (Episode 683 on 15th July, 2016)

Uttar Pradesh, India

Two Brothers Behead Teenage Sister Over Alleged Affair

Two brothers in northern India beheaded their 17-year-old sister, Phool Jehan, and dragged her head through their village after finding out about her alleged relationship with her cousin. The brothers carried her head through the village, shouting that they were against the relationship, and left Jehan’s body on the street while they roamed around. The crime was reported by a local security guard after the brothers did not inform the police, but they remain missing. The brothers have been identified as Nanhe and Gul Hasan. Jehan’s cousin has been detained for investigation.

Young Indians, especially in rural areas, continue to face backlash and are often forced to give in to their culture and values if they try to take a modern approach. Honour killings are quite common across India, but such brutal slayings are extremely rare.


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