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Crime Patrol: Victim's tattoos help solve Bagodara murder (Episode 699, 700 on 20th, 21st Aug, 2016)

Ahmedabad Police Solve Rape-and-Murder Case With Clues From Victim's Tattoos

The Ahmedabad rural police have successfully solved the rape-and-murder case of an unidentified 35-year-old woman by using the tattoos on her hand as leads. It took the police eight months to solve the mystery, identify the victim and offender, and secure a confession from the accused, Bharatji Thakor. The tattooed words 'Alkha,' 'Hadakmayi,' 'Ma Kali,' and 'Jogni' on the victim's hand helped the police to piece together the case.

The Bagodara police registered an accidental death case in June 2022 when the woman's body was found near a temple in Thaliya village. The victim was a woman in her late thirties who was bludgeoned to death and raped. The police had no identity documents to begin their investigation with, but the tattoos on her hand and a copper bracelet associated with witch doctors helped to narrow their search.

After months of hard work, the police were led to Thakor, a resident of Dhamasana near Kalol, who was an undertrial at the Sabarmati Central Jail over rape charges in another incident. Thakor, who had a history of offences such as rape and sexual harassment, confessed to having committed the murder. The victim was identified as Alkha Thakor, 35, a mother of four children and a resident of Pethapur.

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