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Crime Patrol: Woman involved son to kill husband, held (Zeher, Episode 698 on 19th August, 2016)

The Murder of Gurdev Singh

In October 2022, Ranjit Kaur, in her mid-40s, along with her son, Babbaljit Singh, and his friend, Sherjit Singh, were arrested for the murder of her husband, Gurdev Singh. The incident took place in their home, where Kaur mixed sleeping pills in Gurdev's dinner. The next morning, Babbaljit and his friends strangled him with a piece of rope while he was still asleep. They threw the body on the roadside and filed a missing report about Gurdev at a local police station.

The police suspected that the family was involved and soon arrested Kaur, Babbaljit, and Sherjit. They confessed to their crime during the interrogation. Kaur allegedly had an extra-marital affair, which led her to hatch the conspiracy to kill her husband. Babbaljit also had a girlfriend, and his father would often criticize him for wasting time with her. Gurdev had also come to know about Kaur's affair, which led to frequent arguments in the family.

The accused threw Gurdev's scooter at the crime scene to make it look like a robbery. However, the police were able to gather clues and arrest the culprits. One of their accomplices, Khau, is still absconding, and the police are on a manhunt for him. The mother-son duo hired Sherjit and Khau for Rs 50,000 to commit the crime.

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