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Crime Patrol: Madiaon double murder case solved, killer held (Episode 741, 2nd Dec, 2016)

Two men, Shivom Tripathi and his accomplice Amir, were arrested by Madiaon police on Tuesday for the murder of Saira Bano and her daughter Soni, who managed a sex racket in Lucknow. It is said that Saira was attempting to involve Tripathi's second wife Firoza and daughter Divya in the flesh trade, leading to her murder. Tripathi was previously on trial for the murder of his first wife, Suman, in 2003, who had discovered his affair with Firoza.

Upon being arrested, Tripathi confessed to being aware of Saira Bano's illicit activities and had warned Firoza to stay away from her. After discovering that Firoza was still in contact with Saira Bano, Tripathi decided to eliminate her to save his family from her clutches. He called Amir on June 1, and together they went to Saira's residence, where Tripathi presented Amir as a customer. While talking to Saira, Tripathi shot her with a country-made pistol and then proceeded to pull out her jewelry. Soni, Saira's younger sister who lived on the first floor, came downstairs and witnessed the crime, but when she tried to flee, Amir caught her from behind, and Tripathi shot her too.

The police arrested Tripathi and Amir for the murder of Saira Bano and Soni, and Tripathi is also being tried for the murder of his first wife, Suman. The accused have confessed to the crime. The incident serves as a grim reminder of the dangers of sex trafficking and the ruthless actions of those involved in such crimes.

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