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Crime Patrol: Accident turns out to be murder (Episode 763 on 4th February, 2017)

The murder case of Kadiri Venkatesh, which was initially closed as an accident case about a year ago, was recently cracked by the city police. Venkatesh was living with his cousin Kuppili Madhuri and brother-in-law Kuppili Nagendra, who fabricated documents and obtained insurance policies of Rs. 1.19 crore in his name. When they realized that Venkatesh was living a healthy life, they planned to eliminate him, and roped in three others to help. They all boarded a train together, and in the wee hours of August 11, 2015, one of them pushed Venkatesh out of the speeding train.

After the murder, the couple applied for insurance claims and received about Rs. 69 lakh from LIC, SBI, and HDFC. The couple bought a flat, a car, and some jewelry, and deposited Rs. 12 lakh as FD in banks. Only ICICI Bank stopped the claim of Rs. 50 lakh, based on certain queries. The police arrested all five of them, including the cousin of the deceased and her husband, based on evidence from various banks and other documents.

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