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Crime Patrol: Online purchase details help cops crack murder (Asambhav - Episode 689 - 29th July, 2016)

Online shopping records help police to unfold a murder case

The Inside Story

The Osmanabad police have solved the six-month-old murder of a 22-year-old woman from Pune, Kanchan Pardeshi, whose body was found in a well at Wagholi village in Osmanabad district on December 21, 2015. The police were able to identify the victim through a blue 'kurta' she was wearing, which was purchased by her on an e-commerce website. The police contacted the e-commerce company and acquired information of people who had purchased such kurtas, which led them to one of the suspect's cellphone numbers in Wagholi village. The suspect turned out to be Prakash Chaphekar (28), Pardeshi's former colleague, who was arrested along with his accomplice for allegedly hacking her to death and dumping her body in the well.

Chaphekar, who has an MBA, worked in a Pune-based private firm where he met Pardeshi. He had an extra-marital relationship with her, and when she started asking him to marry her, he hatched the plot to eliminate her. Chaphekar's accomplice joined them in Osmanabad, where they murdered Pardeshi and dumped her body in the well. The police were able to trace and arrest Chaphekar from Pune, and also seized the car used in the crime.

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