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Crime Patrol: In Mumbai: Three friends stoned ‘flamboyant’ youth to death in November (Episode 791, 792 on 15th, 16th Apr, 2017)

Niku was the son of a famous paanwala from Bandra, Mumbai. One night, he went out partying with three of his friends. They drank a lot and went to various pubs in Bandra. Niku wore a lot of gold, which caught the attention of his friends who were in desperate need of money. They plotted to kill him and steal his jewelry.

The trio spiked Niku's drink, made him unconscious, and took him to Kashimira. They bludgeoned him to death and took away all his jewelry. The next day, Niku's body was found by the police. The investigation began, and the police went through the CCTV footage and call data records of the suspects.

After much investigation, the police managed to track down the three suspects. Kamlesh, the main suspect, was picked up from Nallasopara, while the other two, Rupesh and Mantu, were nabbed from Bihar. The police managed to recover some of the stolen items.

The case was a classic example of how greed can lead people to commit heinous crimes. Niku lost his life because his friends coveted his jewelry. It was a tragic end to a night that had begun with innocent fun.

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