Lucknow: A man and his wife were sent to prison on Saturday for murder of a businessman whose body was taken out of a nullah in Aashiana area late on Friday. Body of Ruchi Khand, Aashiana resident Gurpreet Singh (31)who went missing on April 30 had been dumped in the nullah located in Aurangabad locality. Gurpreet's close friend Amit Kumar Pasricha and his wife Mamta were arrested by city police for the act.

Complex nature of relationship between Gurpreet and the Pasricha couple led to the gruesome murder on April 30 and they confessed during questioning by police.

Both Gurpreet and Amit belonged to the same community and owned bicycle stores in Aashiana. The two became fast friends more than three years back and began visiting each others' houses on special occasions. Health of Amit's wife Mamta deteriorated suddenly two years back and Gurpreet's mother stayed at Amit's house for household chores and look after Mamta for a month. Last year, Gurpreet met with an accident and fractured his leg. He stayed at Amit's house and Mamta looked after him. The two grew close and they got into a relationship. Soon Amit found out about the relationship and started avoiding Gurpreet.

Officer-in-charge of Aashiana police station sub-inspector Santosh Tiwari said that on April 28, Gurpreet reached Amit's house and said he wanted to marry Mamta.

The two managed to send him back home and informed his brother about the development. On April 30, Gurpreet landed at the couple's house time with a bottle containing petrol. He entered the room and threatened to set himself afire. Amit brought a hammer and hit Gurpreet on the skull and kept hammering his head continuously till he bled to death, said police.

The couple checked his pockets and took out a cell phone and Rs 12,700 cash. While Amit destroyed the cellphone, he deposited the cash in charity box of Aashiana gurudwara the next day. The two hid Gurpreet's two-wheeler and dumped the body in a nullah. With the help of electronic surveillance police cracked the case on Friday and sent the couple to jail. Remains of hte deceased's mobile phone and hammer used for crime were recovered for evidence.

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Couple held for trader’s murder
Hindustan Times (Lucknow)15 May 2016HT Correspondent


LUCKNOW: The city police on Saturday arrested Amit Kumar Pasricha and his wife for the murder of a trader Gurupreet Singh Maathru alias Vicky, 31 in Ashiana .

Vicky had disappeared on April 30 under mysterious circumstances. Investigation disclosed that the trader’s friend Amit had killed him as he was troubled with the former’s liking for his wife Mamta.
The deceased was pressurising Amit to divorce his wife, as he wanted to marry her. He often created a ruckus at Amit’s house.

Cops recovered his body from a drain in Ashiana’s Aurangabad locality on Friday night on the basis of information extracted from the two accused. The police said the coupled had disposed of the body in the drain after stuffing it in a jute bag.

The hammer used in the crime was also recovered from the bushes near the drain.

Santosh Tiwari, station officer (SO) of Ashiana police station said the deceased had a bicycle store in Yadav Market while Amit had a cycle store in Sector G, Ashiana. He said Vicky and Amit were on family terms and visited each other’s houses very frequently. However, during the course of their friendship, Vicky developed a liking for Amit’s wife.

“Vicky was a short-tempered man and Amit was under his pressure, as the former often helped him in his business. Amit was aware of Vicky’s liking for his wife but never reacted to it. The deceased, however, started exploiting Amit’s silence and started pressurising him to divorce his wife,” said Tiwari . “On the night of April 30, Vicky went to Amit’s house holding a petrol container in his hand and threatened to get him framed after committing suicide if he did not divorce his wife”.

The SO said Amit, who was badly troubled with Vicky’s act, called the latter inside the house and attacked him with a hammer. He said Amit hit Vicky on his head and face with the hammer repeatedly until he was dead and thereafter stuffed his body in the jute bag with the help of his wife. He later dumped the body in the drain using the deceased’s scooty.

Tiwari said the deceased’s scooty was found parked behind Dr Ram Manohar Lohia National Law University on May 3 and Vicky’s mother Raj Kaur had lodged an FIR regarding his disappearance on May 2.

He said the family initially suspected their relatives but the detailed probe helped to crack the case and nail the real culprits.

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