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Crime Patrol: Bizman killed over illicit affair with friend's wife (Episode 790 on 14th Apr, 2017)

Amit Kumar Pasricha and his wife Mamta were arrested for the murder of Gurpreet Singh, a bicycle store owner in Aashiana, Lucknow. Gurpreet went missing on April 30, and his body was found in a nullah in Aurangabad locality. During questioning, the Pasrichas confessed to the murder, which was motivated by the complex relationship between Gurpreet and the couple.

Gurpreet and Amit became fast friends and visited each other's houses often. When Mamta's health deteriorated, Gurpreet's mother stayed at Amit's house to take care of her. When Gurpreet fractured his leg, he stayed with Amit, and he and Mamta grew close. However, Amit found out about their relationship and started avoiding Gurpreet.

On April 28, Gurpreet went to Amit's house and expressed his desire to marry Mamta. Amit sent him back and informed Gurpreet's brother about the development. On April 30, Gurpreet returned to the couple's house with a bottle containing petrol, threatening to set himself on fire. Amit hit Gurpreet on the skull with a hammer until he bled to death, and the couple took his cellphone and cash.

The Pasrichas destroyed the phone and deposited the cash in a charity box at a gurudwara. They hid Gurpreet's two-wheeler and dumped his body in a nullah. The police used electronic surveillance to crack the case and sent the couple to jail. They recovered the remains of the deceased's mobile phone and the hammer used for the crime as evidence.READ MORE
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