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Crime Patrol: Tumkur woman's murder in Kannur brings out chilling tale of betrayal and cruelty (Episode 793, 794, 795 on 21, 22, 23 Apr, 2017)

Shobha's life had been full of tragic events that had led her to her death. The Kerala police were investigating her murder and discovered a web of deceit that went beyond her demise. Her partner, T.K. Manjunath, had conspired with her to murder her husband over a year ago, and the couple had been living in Iritty ever since. However, their relationship soured, and Manjunath feared that Shobha would expose him.

The police eventually caught up with Manjunath, who confessed to killing Shobha and also revealed that he had abandoned her two children, a six-year-old boy and a four-year-old girl, on a train to Mumbai. The children had not been seen since.

Manjunath's confession led the police to the place where he and Shobha had burned her husband's body in a pile of twigs and diesel. They collected evidence from the spot and spoke to scientific surgeons who had visited the site. The police team was also working hard to track down Shobha's missing children.

Shobha's life had been full of tragedy, and her death was the culmination of a series of horrific events. Her children were missing, and her partner had betrayed her in the most terrible way imaginable. The police had uncovered a web of deceit, but they were determined to bring justice to Shobha's family and track down her missing children.

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