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Crime Patrol: BTech grad held for 2015 murder of TCS techie in Noida (Ep 856, 857 on 27, 28 Sep, 2017 Crime Patrol Satark)

Police Cracks Case: Arrest Made in Ankit Chauhan's Murder Investigation

It was a hot April afternoon in 2015 when Ankit Chauhan, a TCS employee, was chased and shot dead on a Noida road. The investigation eventually passed to CBI, but it was the police's special task force (STF) that claimed to have cracked the case, ruling out all conspiracy theories. The arrested DCE alumnus is Shashank Jadon, who had briefly dabbled in the real estate business after completing his BTech in 2014. Jadon had tied up with Manoj Kumar and Pankaj, a moneylender. The trio chased Chauhan's Fortuner and cornered him before shooting him four times in his neck and hands.

Chauhan's friend, Gagan Dudhauriya, was also in the Fortuner but escaped unhurt. Jadon and his aides left without the Fortuner, which was the apparent motive of their crime. Chauhan's family had suspected the involvement of Dudhauriya and Chauhan's wife, Ameesha, and had moved the Allahabad High Court, which transferred the inquiry to the CBI. Jadon was finally caught after two years because he had rigged the number plate of his car. Jadon has now been arrested for the murder of Chauhan, and his family remains far from convinced about the case being cracked.
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