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Crime Patrol: Hyderabad: Pregnant woman's body parts found stuffed in gunny bags near Botanical Garden area; investigation underway (Episode 928, 929 on 17th June, 2018)

Hyderabad's Gruesome Murder: Unraveling the Dark Side of an Extramarital Affair

In Hyderabad, a gruesome murder case of a pregnant woman has been solved by the police. The victim, Bingee, was eight months pregnant when she was killed and chopped up into two sacks. The police found CCTV footage of a man and a woman on a bike carrying a heavy bag, which led to the identification of the main accused, Vikas Kashyap and Amarkanth Jha. Bingee had become a hindrance to an extramarital affair between Vikas and Mamatha Jha, with whom he had developed an illicit relationship. The Jha family and Vikas had planned the murder and allegedly beat her to death. After the murder, the accused used a cutting machine to chop the body, wrapped it in polythene covers and dumped it in a gunny sack.

The police managed to piece together the crime with the help of Bingee's eight-year-old son, who provided vital clues. A police team has been sent to Bihar to take Amarkanth Jha into custody, while Vikas is still absconding. The police have seized the cutting machine and other incriminating material. The case highlights the tragic consequences of extramarital affairs and the need for society to address such issues. READ MORE
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