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Crime Patrol: औरंगाबाद: जिस बेटे को गोद लिया था, उसी ने ले ली माँ की जान (Ep 38, 39 - Crime Patrol Satark Season 2 on 04, 05 Sep 2019)

Rajesh had always been a loving son, so when his mother fell ill, he took care of her day and night. However, her condition worsened, and she eventually passed away. Stricken with grief, Rajesh couldn't bear the thought of losing his mother forever. So, instead of cremating her, he buried her in a shallow grave near their house.

Days passed, and no one suspected anything, until Rajesh's mother's relatives came looking for her. They asked around the village, but nobody had seen her. Growing suspicious, they contacted the police, who eventually found her buried body.

Investigations revealed that Rajesh had strangled his own mother and buried her in the grave. When questioned by the police, Rajesh confessed to the crime, saying that he couldn't bear the thought of losing her forever. The people in the village were shocked, unable to comprehend how a son could commit such a heinous act.

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