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Friendship Turned Fatal: The Daksh Patel Murder Investigation

The incident took place in 2012 in Mahadevpura, Bangalore when people spotted a suspicious black car. They observed a man sitting in the back seat with his entire head enclosed in a plastic bag, his legs and hands wrapped in duct tape. Their attempts to open the car failed as it was locked from the inside. The police were called, and they arrived around 10:30 AM. The car's registration number revealed that the man was named Sreerag Subrahmanyam. Upon visiting the address listed in the registration details, it turned out to be Sreerag's aunt's house, and Sreerag lived in a room within the AECS layout.

The police found Sreerag's friend, Vivek Bhosle, at his flat. He assisted the police in locating the duplicate car key and opening the car. Meanwhile, the forensic team and sniffer dogs had arrived at the scene. The sniffer dog led its handler to Sreerag's flat, suggesting that Sreerag had come directly from his flat to the car's location. The police registered a case of murder due to all the evidence pointing towards a robbery gone wrong, where the victim was likely killed due to resistance. However, the police were not entirely convinced that it was a murder. They found duct tape, scissors, and the car key inside the car, and Sreerag was also discovered in the back seat.

When questioned, Vivek Bhosle revealed that Sreerag was infatuated with a girl he had met during a telemarketing call. He spoke to her on the phone for hours, and there were numerous text messages and emails exchanged between them. When asked what was strange about this, Vivek explained that Sreerag had never actually met the girl in person.

The police took Sreerag's laptop to his office and obtained permission to examine it for clues. They discovered that Sreerag had sent his last email on May 22, at two-thirty in the afternoon. This suggested that he had sent the email while sitting in the car. The email mentioned the girl's name as 'Jenny Kutty' and conveyed that Sreerag would no longer trouble her, and she would soon find out what had happened to him.

This raised suspicions that Sreerag might have committed suicide rather than being murdered. The forensic team also couldn't find fingerprints in the car other than Sreerag's. Sreerag's call records revealed that he had made hundreds of calls to a particular number, which was believed to be Jenny's. Jenny was then asked to come to the police station.

At the police station, Jenny's story was quite strange. She mentioned that she had known Sreerag for five months, and their acquaintance began through a telemarketing call. She worked at a call center and used the name "Jennifer Gayathri Lordeswamy" for telemarketing purposes. During this telemarketing interaction, Sreerag first called her on January 21 to sell an insurance product. They developed a strong friendship. Despite only being educated up to the 7th grade, Jenny was fluent in English and held a team lead position.

During their interactions, Sreerag and Jenny exchanged their personal numbers, email addresses, and more. Jenny added a bit of drama to her story by telling Sreerag that she was an MBA graduate. She also mentioned that she aspired to become a fashion designer, and she was working in a job to earn money to achieve her dreams.

Sreerag started liking her and gave Jenny the name "Jenny Kutti." When Sreerag sent his photo and asked for her photo, Jenny extracted a photo of a good-looking girl from her telemarketing database and sent it to him, claiming it was her photo. After seeing the photo of the beautiful girl and continuous closeness through calls and messages, Sreerag was eager to meet Jenny. Sreerag had bought a teddy bear for her, intending to give it to her himself. But Jenny started saying that she was already engaged, and thus, she couldn't meet him. After marriage, she would move to London. Sreerag insisted that she should break off her engagement. When Sreerag asked Jenny for a photo of her fiance, she again sent a photo of another guy. After this, Jenny told her friend to pretend to be her mother and ask Sreerag to stop calling her. After Jenny did this, Sreerag started contemplating ending his life.

Sreerag lived in Pakkad, Kerala. Both of his parents were ill, and his brother didn't know what to do. His brother told him that on the evening of May 21, after returning from the office, he had called his mother. He had asked about her well-being and whether she was taking her medicines on time. Ending the call, he had said that he loved her a lot and missed her. After this, he went to his aunt's house for dinner. Apart from dinner, he spent some time playing with his cousin's son. When leaving, he pretended that his pen had fallen and touched his aunt's feet. From there, he went back to his flat, picked up his laptop and a teddy bear, and left immediately. This was the same teddy bear he had bought for Jenny. When asked where he was going so late, he said he would drive around the nearby area for a while.

According to the police, he went to the location in Mahadevpura and stopped his car. He went to the back seat of the car, wrapped his legs with duct tape, layering it 16 times, and continued wrapping until he realized he wouldn't be able to free his legs. After that, he tied his hands with the tape and tried to cut the tape with a small knife. Even then, the strong tape didn't break, so he left it as it was. Afterward, he started taking Guardinal tablets and kept them in his mouth. One tablet fell on the seat itself. Guardinal's active ingredient is sodium lauryl sulfate, which creates foam. It is a type of poison that, when taken directly into the mouth, blocks the air passage to the lungs, making it difficult to breathe for the person. After this, he drank water from the bottle, layered the tape with 13 layers on his face, and covered his face with polythene to prevent him from breathing.

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