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Crime Patrol: Man Arrested for Brutal Murder of Woman in Delhi's Millennium Park (Episode 29 on 5th August 2011)

The Inside Story

Man Arrested for Brutal Murder of Woman in Delhi's Millennium Park

A man has been arrested for the brutal murder of a young woman in Millennium Park, south-east Delhi. The victim's body was discovered on April 23, and her identity was initially unknown. However, the victim's father identified her as his daughter Sadhna, and the police subsequently detained and interrogated a man named Jitendra. Jitendra confessed to the murder, stating that he killed Sadhna because she was pressuring him to marry her.

Jitendra and Sadhna had been in a five-year long affair, but Sadhna's family had forced her to marry someone else. Despite this, Sadhna remained in contact with Jitendra and had come to Delhi to marry him. On the day of the murder, Jitendra took Sadhna to Millennium Park and told her that they would get married there. He stayed with her until 9 pm, but when they were asked to leave the park, Jitendra returned and killed Sadhna. He then took all her belongings to conceal her identity.

Unhappy ending: The accused at police headquarters in New Delhi

Jitendra, who worked as a plumber in the Mandawali area, has been arrested and charged with murder. This incident highlights the prevalence of domestic violence and the need for stricter laws to protect victims of abuse. Itis crucial for families to support their loved ones in ending unhealthy relationships and seeking professional help if needed. The police must also take immediate action in cases of violence against women to ensure justice for the victims and prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

Priest Arrested for Raping Delhi University Student

A priest from Timarpur area of north Delhi has been arrested for allegedly raping a Delhi University student. The victim reported that the priest, Dhramprakash Kapoor, who runs a temple at his residence, raped her in the name of religion and blackmailed her with recordings of the act. The police recovered a CD from the accused containing footage of the assault. The victim had been visiting the temple and seeking the priest's help with personal issues when he allegedly drugged and raped her.

The incident highlights the need for greater awareness and education around consent and sexual violence. Victims of sexual assault require support and access to resources to aid their recovery. Perpetrators of sexual violence must be held accountable for their actions, and the legal system must provide swift and fair justice for victims.

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