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Crime Patrol: Well Planned Murder Of Proprietor Jaideep Vilani (Episode 30 on 6th August 2011)

The Inside Story

Three Arrested for the Murder of Rajdeepsinh Rana in Rajkot, Gujarat

The Rajkot police's local crime branch officials have arrested three individuals in connection with the murder of Rajdeepsinh Rana, whose body was found in his car five days prior. The arrested individuals were identified as Ashish Ghelani alias Topi, Kalpesh Mehra, and Anirudhasinh Jadeja, Rana's relative. The accused had strangled Rana to death and left his body in his car on Wednesday last week, as per police reports.

According to an LCB official, Jadeja, whom Rana considered his uncle, had hatched the murder conspiracy. Jadeja was envious of Rana's success in business after he severed his partnership with Jadeja. A few days before the crime, Rana had beaten up his friend Ashish over a financial dispute, and Ashish had decided to take revenge. Jadeja took advantage of this and incited Ashish to murder Rana. Ashish convinced his friend Kalpesh to participate in the crime, and the plan was set in motion.

The duo invited Rana to a farmhouse on Kalawad Road for an orgy with a prostitute. During the journey, Kalpesh began to assault Rana, and before he could retaliate, Ashish, who was seated in the back seat, strangled him to death with a copper wire. The accused then removed gold ornaments from Rana's body and left him in his car before fleeing from the scene.

During the investigation, LCB officials suspected Jadeja and Ashish and interrogated them, leading to their confession. The duo also revealed Kalpesh's involvement, resulting in his arrest as well. The murder is a reminder of the dangers of jealousy and greed and the need to resolve conflicts peacefully. The police must ensure that the accused are punished severely for their heinous crime.


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