On April 26, 2011, Delhi Manish plans to shoot Dr. Avinash as he comes out of his hospital. Dr. Avinash and Dr. Soniya were suppose to get married. On 27 April, 2011 shooters kills Dr. Avinash. Avinash's parents reveals Cops that Avinash was attacked several times before also. Parents discloses cops that they had a land dispute in Ghaziabad. Avinash's situation is critical.
Cops finds the shooter and reaches Ghaziabad to find out the real motive behind killing Dr. Avinash. Cops search for Dr. Manish Kumar who wanted to kill Dr. Avinash. Dr. Soniya loves Dr. Manish and her parents wanted her to get married. Cops find out that even Dr. Soniya was involved. Is it Soniya or Manish? Is Avinash dead or alive?

Inside Story
It’s a love triangle that went awry. A story of love and betrayal inked in blood. A childhood sweetheart promises her life to her man, till she finds another. And this infatuation suddenly turns dangerous. She and her lover plot to kill the man, who still yearns for her. Not once, but thrice they nearly kill him. But he miraculously escapes death, and this time the law catches up with the killer couple. All three are doctors and residents of Ghaziabad.

The murderous duo of Meenakshi and Vinod Kumar hired four contract killers to eliminate Ravindra, a physiotherapist in Rohini. After the first two attempts, they tried to kill him again on April 27. But this time too, their luck ran out. This time, they gave the contract to first-time killers and even bought clothes and provided details of the target.

DCP Chhaya Sharma said: “Physiotherapist Dr Ravindra and the dentist, Meenakshi Bharti, belong to the same caste and share similar background. Their families know each other well. There was no way, she could have spurned Ravindra’s marriage proposal.”

Meenakshi was under pressure from Ravindra to marry him, so she decided to eliminate him. “Meenakshi also knew another doctor, Vinod Kumar, who runs a dental clinic nearby. Together , they decided to kill Ravindra . Vinod arranged everything from contract killers to country-made pistols, while Meenakshi played the mole and sweet-talked Ravindra into the trap,” she said.

Police said the two had tried to kill Ravindra thrice since July 2009, but he survived everytime . After the latest bid, he is admitted in hospital. Ravindra had even changed his office and house to avoid detection.

Officials said Ravindra had no clue that Meenakshi wanted to kill him because the two were in a relationship and their family knew about it. “Probably, Ravindra knew something and was blackmailing her to marry him,” said Sharma.

Meenakshi and Vinod were arrested on Sunday while they were in Nainital on honeymoon . “After attacking Ravindra on April 27, they went to Meerut and got married,” said and officer.

The four contract killers have been identified as Harish, Amit, Umesh and Pawan. They had fired at Ravindra outside Vardhman Hospital in Rohini. “Ravindra suffered a bullet injury and was hospitalized. He has been operated upon,” said Sharma.

The police zeroed in on the contract killers after they left behind their mobile phone on the crime spot. “Vinod wanted to be sure Ravindra is killed this time and told the contract killers to call back,” said Sharma. They had promised to pay Rs 2.5 lakh to to the assailants and Rs 25,000 was paid in advance.

Vinod runs his dental clinic in Ghaziabad. He is also a visiting consultant to several dental clinics and hospitals in Vijay Nagar. Meenakshi runs her clinic from her house in New Vijay Nagar. Earlier, Ravindra also worked in the Ghaziabad area , but quit after attacks on him. And the hired killers were later in for a shock when they realized Vinod had foxed them by paying in fake currency.
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