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Crime Patrol: Ahmedabad woman out of coma after 11 months (Episode 11 on 3rd June 2011)

The Inside Story

Woman Wakes Up from Coma After 11 Months, Identifies Assailants Who Tried to Kill Her in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Deepal Patel, a 23-year-old MBA student, woke up from a coma after 11 months and identified the people who had tried to kill her in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Her family and the police had initially thought that she had fallen off her scooter and sustained serious head injuries. But when she regained her power of speech, she narrated a gruesome story of personal rivalry. An attempt to murder complaint has been filed against her four assailants, who are currently being hunted by the police.

Deepal's brother had divorced his wife in 2010, causing much ill-will between their families. It was his former in-laws who had targeted Deepal to teach him a lesson. On February 24, 2010, Deepal was found lying near railway tracks in Chandlodia. She was rushed to a private hospital where she slipped into a coma. After several months of treatment, Deepal began responding to medications. After 11 months, she regained her memory and ability to speak.

The incident highlights the need for effective measures to prevent and address crimes of personal rivalry and violence, especially against women. It also underscores the importance of timely medical care and rehabilitation for victims of such crimes. Thepolice's efforts to apprehend the assailants and bring them to justice are commendable, and it is hoped that the case will serve as a reminder of the need to uphold the rule of law and protect the rights and dignity of all individuals, regardless of their background or status.

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