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Crime Patrol: enior Citizen Couple Murdered in Nagram, Lucknow; Three Accused Arrested (Episode 16 on 18th June 2011)

The Inside Story

Senior Citizen Couple Murdered in Nagram, Lucknow; Three Accused Arrested

Three of the six accused of killing a senior citizen couple in Nagram, Lucknow, were arrested on Tuesday. The three identified themselves as Tinna, Shivlal, and Malti Devi. They, along with three others, Rajendra, Kailash, and Satyanarain, had killed Hardwari Lal and his wife Umaria. During the interrogation, it was revealed that Malti had schemed the crime because her brother-in-law had transferred his plot in the village to her husband and victim's step-brother, Molahe.

The victims had no children, and before his death, Hardwari Lal had promised a share in the land to one of his friends, Dayaram, who was also close to the victim. Malti plotted the double murder to prevent Dayaram from getting a share in the land, which she feared would cause a loss to her family. For committing the crime, Malti approached her brother, Tinna, who had twenty criminal cases already lodged against him in Mohanlalganj police station. The three culprits were nabbed only after police came to know that they were seen near the scene of the crime on the day it was committed.

The caseunderscores the need for effective dispute resolution mechanisms and legal recourse to prevent violent crimes and protect vulnerable individuals and communities. It also highlights the importance of addressing underlying social, economic, and political factors that contribute to crime and violence, such as poverty, inequality, and corruption. The police's efforts to apprehend the remaining culprits and bring them to justice are commendable, and it is hoped that the case will serve as a deterrent for future crimes and encourage greater cooperation and trust between law enforcement agencies and the public.

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