Manish's wife Shivani killed brutally

Inspired by crime stories of the dreaded Dandupalya gang, Infosys employee Sathish Gupta slit his wife Priyanka’s (Played by Parul Chaudhary) throat after strangling her and made it seem like murder for gain

Hell hath no fury like a man who has his masculinity scorned and that’s precisely what drove Infoscion Sathish Kumar Gupta to kill wife Priyanka in the ruthless way that he did. According to police sources, Sathish, an HR manager, and Priyanka, a mathematics teacher at Delhi Public School, had frequent quarrels over the past few months.

One reason for the quarrels was the lack of children despite being married for four years. While Sathish suspected Priyanka’s ability to conceive, she called him impotent during one such fight on Sunday. She even threatened to make it public and an infuriated Sathish decided to kill her for daring to question his masculinity.

Murder during yoga
It was while Priyanka was doing a yogasana in a sitting posture, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath that Sathish strangled her with a nylon thread. He then slit her throat to create an impression that it was the act of a professional gang of killers like the Dandupalya who targeted home-alone women and aged people for gain. Sathish had read crime stories of the Dandupalya gang and drawing inspiration from them, he slit her throat and told police that Rs 2.1 lakh cash and valuable gold jewellery had gone missing.

Pinned his hopes on friend
Sathish had hoped that his childhood friend, Kishan, with whom he would go jogging would provide an alibi. So, he told the police that his wife had called him while he was jogging with Kishan to inform him about two newspaper vendors at their door. He expected the cops to dismiss it as a murder-for-gain case.
When police questioned Kishan, he confirmed that Sathish had received a call while jogging and he had heard him saying, “Don’t entertain them.” He also said that Sathish had told him about the newspaper vendors.

Luck runs out
But Sathish ran out of luck due to inconsistencies in his story. For one, police found that Kishan had also made a call to Sathish (and this one had come after the call from Priyanka’s phone). Kishan confirmed it saying he had called to tell Sathish that he would not be able to make it for jogging as he had to take his mother for a yoga session. Sathish had told Kishan not to back out since they could finish their jogging quickly and disperse.

Going through the cellphone records, police found that the tower location for both Sathish and Priyanka’s cellphones was the same though Sathish had claimed that he was a distance away, jogging, when the call came. With Kishan’s statement, police suspected that Sathish had killed his wife and then used her phone to call himself.

Other inconsistencies included Sathish wearing leather shoes while jogging. Secondly, police found jewellery worth lakhs on Priyanka’s body intact along with Rs 30,000 cash at home thus ruling out the murder-for-gain possibility. Moreover, Sathish returned home more than an hour after receiving the call from his wife. Any human being, under normal circumstances, would have rushed back home.

When police confronted him with all the technical evidence they had while he was in their custody, Sathish confessed to the crime.

He also said that he had become friendly with a girl from Basaveshwaranagar recently and had wanted to marry her after the murder case was closed. Instead, he was arrested and is in police custody for eight days. If convicted, he will be sentenced to life imprisonment or death.