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Crime Patrol: I killed her because she called me impotent (Episode 20 on 2nd July 2011)

The Inside Story

Infosys Employee Kills Wife in Bengaluru over Masculinity Scorn

An HR manager at Infosys, Sathish Gupta, killed his wife, Priyanka, in a ruthless way after she called him impotent during a fight on Sunday. Gupta strangled her with a nylon thread while she was doing yoga and then slit her throat to make it seem like the work of a professional gang. Gupta had hoped to pin the murder on newspaper vendors knocking on their door, but inconsistencies in his story led the police to suspect him.

Gupta had read crime stories of the Dandupalya gang and was inspired by them. He expected his childhood friend, Kishan, to provide an alibi, but Kishan's statement only made things worse for Gupta. He had also hoped to marry a girl he had become friendly with after the murder case was closed. However, he was arrested and is in police custody for eight days. If convicted, he will be sentenced to life imprisonment or death.

The case highlights the importance of addressing issues related to relationships, marriage, and masculinity, as well as the need for better support for victims of domestic violence. It also emphasises the need for thorough investigations and the importance of technical evidence in solving complex criminal cases.

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