This case belongs from a small village Ramgadh, district Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Suraj's father Manohar is a farmer and works in the farm. Suraj a 12 years old boy goes missing and later his parents find him lying dead in the field. Suraj's mother Rekha puts the blame on Bansilal. Doctor reveals that it's only a murder but something else related to Baba's black magic
Cops arrest all the Baba's of the area and Sadhu's discloses that this is an extremely strong act which can only be performed by Bhujan Shastri Baba. He was popular in the area. Police solves the unfold mystery and they arrest Rekha, her cousin Shekhar and Bhujang Shastri Baba. What was her real motive behind killing Suraj?

The Inside Story
LUCKNOW: Superstition claimed yet another innocent life when a 12-year-old was brutally murdered allegedly by his stepmother, her brother and a tantrik in Saharanpur district of Uttar Pradesh. The boy had gone missing on Monday afternoon and his body was recovered on Tuesday. The three accused were arrested on Wednesday evening after the investigators established beyond doubt that the murder was a result of human sacrifice.

The chilling incident took place in Ramgarh village of Nakuird Block in Saharanpur district. Reports said Deepak Kashyap (12) - the only child of Sushil Kashyap - went missing on Monday afternoon. The family launched a manhunt after the kid remained untraceable till late in the evening. The boy's body was later recovered from a farmfield on the borders of the village.

"The body had a number of gashes all over - apparently inflicted from a sharp-edged weapon. The most intriguing part was that a not very small piece of flesh was conspicuously missing from the back of his neck," said senior superintendent of police (SSP), Saharanpur, VK Dohre talking to TOI on phone on Wednesday. "There were injury marks virtually all over the body and the strange part was that the size of piece of flesh missing from the back of his neck was almost equal to that of the cut marks all over the body," Dohre said.

The prima-facie and circumstantial evidences were very startling for the police who started the investigations on three separate lines including possibilities of the murder being a result of a sexual assault. What however came as a major clue for the investigators was the post-mortem report of the boy which stated that the piece of flesh missing from the back of his neck was cut off after the victim died. It also confirmed that the wound was not caused by any animal as the edges of the wound were sharp and straight, confirming the use of a weapon.

The breakthrough came after the investigators took special note of the blood stained `daranti' (sickle) recovered from near the dead body. Till then, it was being presumed that Deepak had apparently went to the farm fields to collect fodder when he was murdered using the sickle which he was carrying.

However, the revelation of Deepak's father that the victim was left-handed and used a left-handed sickle only, came as a clincher when the cops discovered that the sickle recovered was that for use by right-handed.

Subsequent probe into the profile of the family revealed that Deepak was the first child of their parents and his mother Amresh had died when he was barely a fortnight old. Four years after her death, Kashyap married Maya. The couple then had six children during the past seven years, but none survived for more than a year. This prompted the police to question Maya on the issue and the rest came easily.

"Following sustained grilling, she confessed to her crime and revealed that the murder was committed at the instance of a local tantrik who was introduced to her by her elder bother. She said the tantrik had assured her that after a human sacrifice preferably of a minor male she would be cured of her curse that was responsible for the death of her newly borns," SP, rural, Aditya Prakash Verma said. "We are questioning them about the piece of flesh missing from the back of the child's neck," Verma said.

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