Apeksha was suppose to get married and the whole house was under marriage preparations. On April 2011, Gandhinagar Gujrat an unknown person kills Apeksha's mother. Maid calls Yusuf and Altaf who were Apeksha's neighbour. Apeksha was aslo killed. Apeksha's father Narendra and his brother Tejas were staying in America. Who killed Apeksha and her mother? and Why?
Did the killer murdered Apeksha and her mother for jewellery worth 5 lacs ? Who killed them? Her house maid? Who are Umang and Vaibhav?

The Inside Story
May 9, 2012
AHMEDABAD: The main accused in case of double murder of NRI mother and daughter in Gandhinagar escaped from a courtroom on Tuesday morning.

Aamin Badshah Mansuri, 27, a resident of Sector 6, was arrested in May 2011 for killing his neighbours Madhu Trivedi, 52 and her daughter Nupur, 28, a doctor, in their house and stealing valuables on April 21. Nupur had come to Gandhinagar for her marriage from Florida, US, and her mother had accompanied her for shopping before the wedding.

Nupur was found dead from the ground floor of the house whereas Madhu's body was found on the first floor. Their throats were slit by a knife. The incident took place barely a week before Nupur's wedding.

Mansuri managed to escape from a courtroom in Gandhinagar during the case's hearing on Tuesday morning. Gandhinagar police was put on high alert after the incident and major roads out of the district were barricaded.

Investigators said that Mansuri was close to the family and had made a plan to rob around 800 grams of gold ornaments that Nupur had bought for wedding. Police had also arrested two more - Rakesh Parmar, 26, a resident of Sector 17; and Shashikant Makwana, 24, a resident of Vavol, Gandhinagar - for their involvement in the crime and recovered Rs 7 lakh.

Sector 7 police officials said that Mansuri was brought to the district court accompanied by police personnel on custody duty. Soon after he entered the courtroom, Mansuri fled from an exit and opened a sliding window. He then jumped off the window and fell on a tin roof above court parking lot.

The policemen came out with and tried to catch him but he jumped off the roof and then started running in direction of exit. Soon, he was picked up by his accomplice on a bike and they zoomed off from the spot.

When contacted, in-charge superintendent of police Usha Rada told TOI that soon after the message was relayed, the district's entry and exit points were sealed and vehicle checking was intensified. "We have sent Mansuri's photograph to the state control and have informed nearby districts about the escape. Search for him is on," she said.

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