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Crime Patrol: New Delhi- Child Kidnapping by U.P. gang (Episode 72 on 31 Dec 2011)

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Possible Human Trafficking Angle in Kidnapping of Delhi Toddler

New Delhi, India

Delhi Police are investigating a possible human trafficking angle in the case of the kidnapping of 18-month-old Ishaan from Maharani Bagh and searching for a woman named 'Sonia'. Sources revealed that a gang called 'Pakkad' in western Uttar Pradesh used maids in Delhi to abduct infants, have them handed over to kidnappers who sell the children or make ransom calls to parents. They said that Sonia was arrested in 2009 in a similar case in East Delhi and that the gang could be the same.

Police also believe that Seema, who fled with the child on Sunday evening, has not given her real name to employer Vikram Singh. The Singhs did not insist on her address or identity papers before employing her, which gained the employer's trust. The child was taken in a pram that was also missing and police had yet to recover it. The police claimed to have found a mobile charger among Seema's belongings which suggested that she had a mobile phone. "But she did not provide any mobile phone number to Ishaan's family, which by itself raises doubts about her," said a senior police officer.

Several teams have been formed and dispatched to Jharkhand as well as the NCR region where some leads have been developed. "The police are at a disadvantage as there is no documentation or contact of Seema. Prima facie, it appears to be a premeditated plan," said Joint Commissioner of Police (South) Amulya Patnaik. No ransom call has been received yet and the child may have been kidnapped for selling, say the police.

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