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Crime Patrol: Parcel bomb kills lady teacher - Cops on lookout for ex-husband & man who slapped victim on bus (Episode 54 on 28 Oct 2011)

Inside Story

School teacher Killed by Exploding Parcel: Former Husband and Engineer Suspected

Malda, West Bengal
A 26-year-old schoolteacher, Aparna Biswas, was killed by an exploding parcel supposedly containing books while she was trying to open it at her rented accommodation in Malda town. Police are searching for two youths, one of them her former husband, and the other supposedly an engineer with whom she had developed a relationship after her divorce. Aparna died moments after being admitted to the Malda district hospital. The police are yet to find out the nature of the explosive used but confirmed that a detonator triggered the explosion.

Aparna taught Bengali at Ramakrishna Balika Vidyalaya and had rented a room in Malanchapalli close to her school seven months ago. She had divorced her unemployed former husband, Sanjay Biswas, two months before she got the job when she realized he was having an affair. The police also suspect Prince Ghosh, a resident of Mangalbari with whom she had a relationship. Prince had threatened her over the phone, saying he would not let her be anyone else’s. The police have despatched two teams to look for Sanjay and Prince.

Investigations revealed that Aparna, who was pursuing her post-graduate degree, had gone to Malda College to attend classes. “She returned around noon when the landlord’s daughter gave her the parcel,” the officer said. The police have sealed the room and are going to take the help of the CID in this case. Aparna’s colleagues had come to the hospital. “We are totally in the dark about why someone should kill her,” said headmistress Sudipta Kumar.

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